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Big Data and Analytics Create a Perfect Match Made on the Cloud

Merging Big Data with the Cloud is one of the finest practices that every company wants to adopt in ...
Published: 16 Feb 2016
Category: New Technologies
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Big Data Solutions

Merging Big Data with the Cloud is one of the finest practices that every company wants to adopt in today’s digital world. Nowadays, companies—of any size or nature

le computing environment that should accommodate as per today’s commercial, data-oriented demands. (These demands are primarily related to crunching mammoth chunks of data.)—need to have a flexib

While preparing a Big Data strategy, it is beneficial to pick up the right infrastructure. The Cloud is the most elastic infrastructure where any business can make the most of its Big Data solutions.

Doing smarter data analytics is possible

When it comes to big data, its analytics is more important than anything. However, relying on Hadoop and some other analytics cluster for drawing meaning out of the data can be a costly process.

For that reason, Big Data experts trust scalable, premium infrastructure that provides cost-efficient data analysis. Here comes Cloud into play—this infrastructure has built-in data analytics that let the users analyze huge slabs of data easily and quickly. Additionally, leveraging Advanced Analytics capabilities offered by the Cloud enables businesses to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions based on complex data patterns and trends.

Physical data machines are soon becoming redundant

Businesses ensure that the Cloud security technologies they use must be available on a variety of platforms. Being available on diverse platforms means a business will have to do away with its HSM when it is making the shift to the Cloud.

While stepping toward scalability and tackling security challenges, a business must not rely on its respective HSM. That is because it is economically unfeasible to adapt an HSM every time to cater to an enterprise’s fickle needs.

Business operations remain no longer manual

Countless traditional Cloud security solutions do not scale quickly to meet the high demands of security. Which is why, it is improbable to leverage the typical HSM element; rather, a business should put to use Cloud solutions that deploy virtual appliances in place of physical hardware.

Further, most of the radical Cloud solutions (featuring virtual hardware) will even sport an API that is easy to interact. Further, a Cloud will feature high levels of automating capabilities if its API is highly interactive.

The sensitive data demands security that the Cloud provides

Any Cloud infrastructure provides matchless levels of data security. However, here, a chief technologist must be brought on board so that the process of putting Big Data on the Cloud gets streamlined. A technology service provider will customize the Cloud and Big Data solutions as per the requirements of the company.

Here, on the Cloud, a company’s Big Data lakes can get secured easily using the split-key encryption. This data encryption methodology keeps the data safe by offering encryption keys that the customers can easily hold.

With these benefits, any enterprise would make the move to put its Big Data on the Cloud.


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