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AWS Cognito Accelerating And Refining Way Of Doing Business

Why today’s businesses prefer application development on AWS Cloud is because it helps them move f...
Published: 17 Sep 2018
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Amazon Web Services

Why today’s businesses prefer application development on AWS Cloud is because it helps them move faster, implement more securely and save a lot of overhead costs.

AWS Cognito offers an exhaustive set of services and products to be used while running scalable and sophisticated applications. From handling app authentication to providing enterprise federation and secure user directory, AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cognito is helping businesses with features such as Cognito User Pools and Federation too. While Cognito User Pool provides an encrypted user directory, which scales to millions of users, Federation helps users sign in with the platform via their social profiles on Google+, Amazon and Facebook.

AWS Cognito: Solutions

  • Websites: Enables highly scalable, reliable and cost-effective web application and website hosting.
  • Backup & restore: Cost-effective and durable options for disaster backup and recovery.
  • Archiving: Data archiving from gigabytes to petabytes is convenient as AWS Cognito offers affordable and seamless solutions for it.
  • DevOps: Fast and reliable development and delivery of products using its DevOps practices.
  • Data analytics and lakes: Businesses need understanding, security, scalability and cost-effectiveness for running app development projects. AWS Cognito’s data lake and analytics solutions have it for you.
  • Cloud computing: Means, development and running apps is now possible without having to worry about servers.
  • High speed computing: Cloud-scale clusters and enhanced networking add value to solving complex issues related to app development.
  • Internet of Things: It allows you to scale to millions of devices and billions of messages at a time.
  • For instance: Smart watch, Smart cars, PoS at the retail outlets and many like that.
  • Business applications: Simplified and cost-effective management of all your existing application development processes.
  • Content delivery: Whether it be websites, video content or APIs, AWS Cognito accelerates them all.
  • Mobile services: AWS infrastructure offers an exhaustive range of services to build mobile applications that can scale to millions of users worldwide.
  • E-commerce: Run small, large e-commerce businesses ensuring high security, scalable solutions for retails and sales.
  • Hybrid cloud Architectures: It lets you extend and expand your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Blockchain: AWS Cognito is able to incorporate shared ledgers, i.e. blockchain technologies to support involvement and execution of multiple parties.

AWS Cognito Platform: Benefits

  • Easy handling: This is designed to enable app developers, businesses and ISVs to securely and quickly host their scheduled projects. Using AWS Management Console, developers can access AWS’ app hosting program.
  • Flexibility: AWS allows you to choose operating system, web app platform, programming language and other services as you need and prefer.
  • Affordability: AWS Cognito does not oblige you with any of contracts or service bonds. You pay only for the storage, computer power and other basic resources required.
  • Reliability: Users get to leverage high scalability, security for global computing infrastructure and consistency.
  • High-performance and scalability: With AWS Auto scaling, Elastic Load Balancing tools, developers can scale up and down the functionality of their apps; and if the demand asks so.
  • Security: AWS uses an end-to-end line to harden and secure its infra, including operational, physical and software measures.

Why migrate your business onto AWS?

  • For experiencing global infrastructure
  • To enjoy speed to market
  • To run business in a secured environment
  • To leverage extensive ecosystem

Popular businesses leveraging AWS Cognito infrastructure are as follows:

  • Netflix
  • Airbnb
  • Imgur
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • HTC
  • Nokia
  • Citrix

How it helps your business? – Brief yet informative!

  • Power your startup: For the startups as yours, AWS program offers: hands-on labs and training to enable you with resources you will need to grow your business. Besides, it offers AWS Promotional Credit and AWS Support as you start funding your budding venture. For reference, read about Airbnb’s journey with AWS Cognito.
  • Help build your website: AWS Cognito sure helps boost your business’ online presence. Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk to develop a web app by choosing a platform and name for your environment. This program as well allows you to host your website on the platform itself. For a case study, refer to McCormick & Company.
  • Create mobile app: So now that your web product is up and running, what about mobile presence? AWS takes care of it. It enables feature configuration for your applications by creating user authentication, push notifications, content delivery, analytics, storage and backend logic. For case study, refer to Easy Taxi project on AWS.
  • Create big data: As your business starts growing, you will need big data app to support the velocity, variety and volume of your data. AWS features enable you to scale any big data application including clickstream analytics, datawarehousing, fraud detection, IoT processing, cloud computing quickly and seamlessly. The best example would be NETFLIX. Netflix streams thousands of TV series, web series and movies on-demand, using Amazon Web Services infrastructure. It allows them to deploy thousands of terabytes of storage and servers within a minute.

Why Flexsin?

We are a global partner of APN (AWS Partner Network). We are focused on helping businesses grow successfully on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, providing full-time consulting, technical, go-to market support and comprehensive marketing services at times.


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