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Augmented Reality application digging new opportunities for the Businesses

Augmented Reality has significantly transformed the way we use a smartphone in the current scenario....
Published: 18 Jul 2019
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Home Blog Augmented Reality application digging new opportunities for the Businesses

Augmented Reality application

Augmented Reality has significantly transformed the way we use a smartphone in the current scenario. Believe it or not but augmented reality has come up as a future of mobile technology. Although people mostly acquaintance the AR with entertainment world but entrepreneurs have actually realized the potential of this technology and leveraged its benefits for their business.

It is a vast concept that came into the limelight after great success of Pokemon GO game.  This is a turning point for Augment Reality in the world of mobile technology. Currently, different brands are utilizing this technology to enhance their business by providing improved user experience like creating interactive advertising, product demo, etc.  If the mobile app can be configured with augmented reality then it will be open doors of new opportunities for different sectors of industries.

Merger of Mobile and AR Technology

Augmented Reality is making its way for the next-gen digital revolution but it has various challenges during its implementation as:-

  • A requirement of AR glasses
  • Ecosystem for proper app functioning
  • Enhanced battery life
  • Connectivity to mobile

AR glasses are easily available but the problem is to keep them charged for whole day for long usage of heavy apps.  But, the amalgamation of mobile technology with Augment Reality can work well in resolving such challenges.  Mobile phones come with excellent battery life can prove beneficial for proper functioning of the app.  According to Mark Zuckerberg, mobile phones are the major consumer of AR technology.

If we talk about introducing AR in mobile application development then it can unlock the ample opportunities for different business sectors.  Have a look how this revolutionary technology can prove fruitful in your business mobile application.

Entrainment Industry

Introduction of AR in the entertainment sector has explored the new way of using mobile apps for entertainment.  It has added fun experience and become our smartphone more interactive and realistic than ever before.  No doubt that AR games become the leader of the gaming industry.

AR For Tour and Travel

Travel apps can sway the power of Augmented Reality to showcase the real experience of traveling to another city and nation to their customers. For example, AR travel app will take you to deep ocean water, beaches and cruise.

Media and News Channels

New Channels can capture the 360 views of real site scenario with AR mobile app and update the app users to witness the situation in real life. This will bring more readers for the story with an improved experience. You can see discovery channel use AR concept to display realistic wildlife and underwater experiences.

Real-estate industry

Real estate industry can also leverage the benefits of AR business app that enable their customers to visit the place virtually and experience all amenities. With a 360-degree view, the user can take a tour of any location with a realistic vision. The android application based on AR offers an ideal option to improve sales.

Even, the manufacturing industry is also influenced by the perks of augmented reality and utilizing it for building their processes.  With this, project heads can monitor the real-time progress of their operation which saved their time

Hotel booking

Implementation of AR in Hotel booking and reservation app will enable the users to get a virtual view of a particular hotel and its garden area, rooms, lobby, etc. before confirming their booking. This will build trust among the users about the hotel and they will confidently reserve their stay without any confusion.

Augmented Reality in Education Sector

AR applications are ruling the market by providing a new way of learning for children with the improved educational -based app. The AR supported educational app serve the best learning experience by making complex subject topics easy to understand for the students. Today, most of the parents prefer to purchase these applications that enhance the children learning through better interaction.

These above mentioned aspects clearing show that AR will open the doors for various opportunities that can bring your business to the pinnacle of success. So, if you are looking to hire Augmented Reality app developer then we are here to help you. At Flexsin Technologies, we work with the latest technologies and provide our services for different industrial sectors.


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