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Application migration enables high growth

App migration and its necessity Application migration is a procedure to shift an app program from a ...
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AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Jan 25 2016

App migration and its necessity

Application migration is a procedure to shift an app program from a legacy environment to a new one. This process has gained a lot of prominence especially with the advent of the cloud environment. The key reasons as to why these migrations have become so important include:

  • Closing the costly data centers
  • Performing disaster recovery
  • Strengthening data security
  • Upgrading operating system/server hardware
  • Creating a scalable footprint on the cloud

Apart from these factors, one other critical reason has always motivated enterprises to leverage the migration services from a leading Android development company; that reason is cost. Every leading company has invested countless dollars (nearly thousands of them) on existing applications. These apps are based on the web and are customized to suit the company’s needs to a tee. And for that reason, a business can’t possibly rebuild its application from scratch because it’s cost prohibitive; therefore, app migration is an economically viable option.

Selecting a leader

When it comes to app migration, a business should solely rely on names that have extensive mobile application development expertise. That’s because if a company has the development expertise, it’ll surely have the migration know-how as well. Some characteristics of a leading app migrator are given below.

  • A leader in app migration will enable the client enterprise to leverage newer technologies and techniques that’ll streamline the migration process.
  • Whether the mission comprises migration from VB6 to .NET, Java/J2EE, Enhydra, or ASP.NET to Azure, an experienced name will do every task with confidence while respecting the deadlines.
  • A prominent name in app migration will implement migration best practices according to the project’s nature.

So if you wish mitigating business risks, improving system performance, and increasing data portability, choose the company that’s experienced.


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