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An Excellent Choice for Cross-platform Development—Xamarin

Xamarin has evolved into a popular cross-platform development framework after its acquisition, which...
Published: 15 Nov 2016
Category: Mobile App Development
Home Blog An Excellent Choice for Cross-platform Development—Xamarin

Cross-platform Development Xamarin has evolved into a popular cross-platform development framework after its acquisition, which was done by Microsoft in February 2016. In the last few years, global mobile landscape has transformed to cater to the most demanding requirements of different cross-functional mobile applications.

The key reason why Xamarin has grown is because it can easily integrate different mobile platforms, such as Android, Windows, and iOS, smoothly. This post carries different factors why Xamarin development is the best choice for delivering scalable cross-platform development projects.

Web-enabled solutions—past and present

The past

The last few years saw developers locking horns with each other while deciding on picking the best approach for developing demanding mobile applications. In initial years, the developers preferred JavaScript and HTML5.

Meanwhile, the developers centered their arguments on giving premium cross-platform support. After many mind-bending discussions, the developers found different technologies—Apache Cordova and Sencha Touch, for example—that support cross-platform development works. However, when it came to delivering user experience and performance, these technologies did not meet the set expectations.

The present

After not finding even a single piece of development technology, the developers developed Xamarin. With Xamarin, developers finally had a platform where they could write complex mobile applications for Windows, iOS, and Android.

Windows platform supports C# language, and Xamarin works well with any form of open-source implementation that is used for Microsoft .NET framework. This cross-platform framework even carries mono runtimes for incorporating C# bindings to any native Android and iOS APIs; such incorporation, finally, helped developers create excellent cross-platform apps.

Now, here are a few other in-depth factors that drive Xamarin’s popularity as the most preferred choice for different cross-platform developers.

A single technological framework for different codes

Xamarin leverages advanced C# features that are complemented with agile .NET framework. With this blend, this cross-development framework can create the most demanding apps seamlessly. That is, any developer can reuse close to 96 percent of the total source code for accelerating the engineering cycle. This cross-development platform does not switch between development environments because it works well with Visual Studios for Windows or Xamarin IDE for Mac.

Many cross-platform developers have even argued about the support quality offered by every IDE, but the integration of this platform with Visual Studio has improved things in that regard as well. Additionally, all the cross-platform development tools come with its IDEs with no extra cost.

A performance that is as good as the one delivered by native applications

Unlike different hybrid solutions that are based on various web technologies, a cross-platform application that is powered by Xamarin can be classified as a native one. A cross-platform application that is developed on Xamarin is expected to deliver a performance that is nearly similar to the ones given by applications built on Android, Java, Swift, or Objective-C.

Further, the efficiency of these applications is constantly improving to match the standards set by a native development environment. This cross-development framework offers comprehensive solutions, such as Xamarin Test Recorder along with Xamarin Test Cloud, for tracking and testing an application’s performance.

End-to-end hardware support

If applications are developed on Xamarin, they will get native-level app functionality by eliminating every compatibility issue and by using plug-ins and specific APIs. Because of all this, Xamarin-powered applications can deliver common devices functionality across a range of platforms. Apart from having access to platform-specific APIs, this cross-development application framework supports link-ups with native libraries. Because of its linking capacity, Xamarin can customize native-level functionality that comes with little overhead.

These factors show how much important has Xamarin development become in the age where cross-development applications are thriving. For executing your own cross-development application idea, connect with a company that offers innovative Xamarin app development solutions today.


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