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Amazing mobile app development trends that will revolutionize the industry

The landscape of mobile app development is unstable; what you use today might be antiquated within m...
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AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Mar 11 2015

The landscape of mobile app development is unstable; what you use today might be antiquated within months, not years. The trends of mobile space are frequently changing and new insights are replacing at a rapid rate. Although mobile app development industry is burgeoning incessantly, yet constantly changing trends are making things harder for web application developers and companies. The shift from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT) has given a voice to the demand of more secure, interactive, proven, and compatible web applications. The booming market of app analytics and mobile app has induced many challenges for any mobile application development company. Letā€™s have a look at some of the mobile application development trends that are about to bring immense changes to the world of web application development.

Android versus iOS: Android is dominating the market and is constantly rising as a preferred mobile platform. The Android market share was 78% in 2013 and rose to magnificent 80.2% by the end of 2014, says IDC. That is why Android will grow and catch the market share of iOS (Apple).

A surge in enterprise apps: About 35% of big enterprises will prefer mobile application development platforms to develop and deploy mobile apps in this year. IoT for Enterprises (Enterprise of Things) may become the newest trend in the market. Enterprise mobile management can boost the chances of app developers to work on developing and managing apps for the Enterprise market. Here, web app developers need to focus on curtailing the application development life cycles and diminishing the time-frame between Ideation to launch.

Wearable Tech still a hot topic: Last year, wearable Technology from Apple was the hottest topic. Until now apps for wearable devices were restricted to the fitness and health care industry. With the coming of wearable devices, enterprises are going to improve their productivity and efficiency level. Fashion and textile industries are going to adopt wearable technology. Now, mobile app development companies have to focus more on wearable device applications than smartphones.

Parallax scrolling as a wow factor to an application: In designing of an app, depth and movement of images matters the most. Parallax scrolling improves the visual appeal and overall user experience. This wow factor is a growing trend in apps and web market for creating dynamic and interactive user experience, displaying content on a single page, and engaging visitors for a long time on a web page. Here, a professional and established mobile appĀ development company needs to put a vigil eye on the most common pitfalls experienced by users.

Moreover, native apps have a little room in the market as the rising of new platforms in the mobile apps is going to decline chances of such apps. In addition, upcoming cloud apps may be written on the cloud directly.

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