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Ajax web development maturates responsive and synergistic web applications

Evolving technological innovations and advancements makes the web development process become much fa...
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AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Dec 26 2014

Evolving technological innovations and advancements makes the web development process become much fast, and reliable. These days, many web development technologies are being used to make interactive, sophisticated, user-oriented, and updated websites. But online users are expecting a better web user experience. Amongst all available technologies, AJAX is getting tremendous industry momentum as one of the most viable RIA technology till the date. It is not a product or technology, but a new branding for RIA technology.

Ajax web development has efficaciously revolutionized the virtual world of web with lots of tangible and intangible benefits depicted through the following features: Faster page loading, greater navigation, improved speed, usability, enhanced interactivity, responsiveness of web pages, and better quality of browser-based applications. With it, anyone can create more dynamic and powerful web applications. Ajax incorporates the following:

- Standards-based presentation using XHTML and CSS
- Dynamic display and interaction using the Document Object Model
- Data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT
- Asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest
- JavaScript binding everything together

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a front-end web technology that lets JavaScript communicate with a web server. It is a mix of multiple programming and development technologies used on the client-side to create asynchronous Web applications. For the development of synergistic applications, Ajax is a highly effective and good technical platform. The main objective of the Ajax is to improve the speed, performance and usability of a web application. Ajax has the credit to make Google Maps an instant hit with its fast page loading time. It is also highly effective in browsing and single screen interface.

AJAX offers benefits to both end users and developers. For end users, it reduces the “rich or reach” conflict. On the other hand, it helps developers in overcoming the constraints raised by HTTP. An Ajax application eliminates the start-stop-start-stop nature of interaction on the Web. Ajax is a new web technology that breaks page reload paradigm, and sends and retrieves data without reloading the whole web page. The technology primarily saves time and bandwidth. Due to its added functionality, Ajax technology is swiftly emerging as a real alternative for creating powerful web applications.

With Ajax web development services and solutions from a professional and reputed web development company in India, business enterprises can expect synergistic applications (highly scalable, custom-built and premium-grade web applications) that deliver a greater user web experience. By hiring the company everyone can get benefited from the more sophisticated functionality using easier-to-implement web standards. With skilled Ajax developers, you can have a website that is powered with powerful features and functionalities.


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