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Advanced Application Development For Businesses with Python Framework

Python is a powerful, dynamic and highly flexible scripting programming language which is gaining po...
Published: 03 Dec 2019
Category: Advanced Web Development
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Python Web Development

Python is a powerful, dynamic and highly flexible scripting programming language which is gaining popularity among the cloud technology providers across the world. It is best suited for minimum value products (MVPs) and prototypes. The sophisticated Python framework is designed to efficiently handle data manipulation and RAD for a positive impact on the overall performance of your application. It has really easy syntax that makes it a preferred choice for writing websites and applications.

When high level built-in data structure is required to be combined with dynamic binding and typing, Python becomes the obvious choice as it allows for the rapid application development with vibrant semantics. It has many applications on different domains with a further sub-implementation. As it is an aspect-oriented language, there are modules with different functionality.  This general purpose programing language is most often used for web app development due to its ease of understanding and implementation.

Python’s open-source community continues to develop innovative libraries for a wide array of applications to interact with customers using cutting-edge data analytics software.

Other prominent features of Python include -

  • Requires fewer codes that makes the development process much faster
  • Trusted by Facebook, Google, YouTube and Instagram for web development
  • Supports multiple programming structures and functional programming
  • Impeccable security for the web and mobile applications
  • Integrate systems more efficiently to work quickly
  • Scalable for portable and cross-platform development

Frameworks are an essential time-saving tool for advanced web development services providers that help in delivering the products faster with their ready-made structure. Python-based web frameworks such as Django and Flask are among the popular choices for web development.  These frameworks help create server-side code in Python that runs on your server, instead of the user’s devices and browsers. Django provides an all-inclusive experience; you get an admin panel directory structure and object-relational mapping for your projects. On the other hand, Flask provides simplicity, flexibility and fine-grained control, and allows you to decide how you want to implement it.

Flask or Django?

Flask should be chosen if you want more control about which component to use and focus on experience opportunities. Flask is a better choice for beginners and when you want more customization. Django is a good option for straightforward applications where there will be a single way of doing things, such as an e-store.

Machine learning

Machine learning typically implements an algorithm to automatically detect a pattern in a given output. Deep learning, random forest and support vector machines are some of the popular machine learning algorithms. Python support the below two machine learning libraries and frameworks:

  • Scikit-learn: Includes the popular machine learning algorithms built in.
  • TensorFlow: It’s a low-level library that is used for building custom machine learning algorithms.

At Flexsin, we use multiple python frameworks such as Django, Pyramid, libraries such as Fabric, Requests, tools and utilities such as Asyncio and Beautiful Soup, and databases such as MySQL and MongoDB, to provide custom functionalities to your python applications.  Scikit-learn is good for getting started with a machine learning project whileTensorFirst is a good option for efficiency issues.

Data analysis and visualization with Python

Matplotlib is a popular library for data visualization in Python. It’s easy to getting started with and will help you learn other libraries later on.

Our experts have tamed Python to do awesome for you. We offer below range of specialized Python development services as per your needs, including the below:

  • Custom  Python development for flexible, feature-rich portals
  • Full-stack python web development services
  • Python based app development
  • REST API development
  • Migration of existing applications in PHP, Java,  ColdFusion, and ASP.Net to Python
  • CMS and Ecommerce development
  • Machine learning using Python libraries

Python is gaining popularity among the developers

As per the Popularity of Programming Language Index, the use of Python Application Development has grown steadily over the last few years. Machine learning is also fueling the interest in Python.  Google is considering transitioning its products to Go that help propel its popularity among the developers even further.

Python is going to remain the most preferred programming language among the developers in the foreseeable future. Its high degree of flexibility, wide array of plugins and frameworks such as Django, Pyramid and TurboGears make Python a great tool for many projects More companies will adopt Python as this single, full-stack language serves the bulk of their development needs.


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