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A Brief Yet Insightful Comparison Between Drupal and Joomla

Content Management System (CMS), two of the most popular systems are Drupal and Joomla. We are drawi...
Home Blog A Brief Yet Insightful Comparison Between Drupal and Joomla
AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Jun 29 2015

Content Management System (CMS), two of the most popular systems are Drupal and Joomla. We are drawing a comparison between Drupal and Joomla because they help to carry out the most complex web development assignments, involving large enterprise-level sites.

If you happen to be a webmaster—a prudent one—then you know the importance of a versatile CMS in a project’s lifecycle. Now, let us read further to know which one a leading web development company will adopt and under what circumstances.

If you make light of your site’s security, then your e-business will kick the bucket.

In the recent past, we have encountered many business websites getting hacked. The bare mention of the word “hacking” sends shivers up a business owner’s spine. Now, let us see which one—Drupal or Joomla—fares well in terms of security. As per many developers, Drupal is better than the CMS when it comes to security. As evidence, you can see The White House website that runs on Drupal.

Which one of the CMS’s will be an apt choice to do manual installation in no time?

In web development India, many hosting companies offer a single-click service to install both Drupal and Joomla. However, if you really want to know how software (especially CMS) gets installed, then try getting your hands dirty by doing manual installation. Several programmers encourage manual installation of software because the process helps a user to know the nitty-gritty of a technology.

Anyway, for installing Drupal you require carrying out six of the following steps:

• Downloading
• Extracting software
• Setting up .php files
• Executing the installation script
• Establishing cron
• Configuring URLs that are clean

On the contrary, in Joomla (especially for version 3.0), the installation takes place in four steps that include:

• Installing the software
• Configuring the site
• Setting up the database
• Creating an overview of the system

So, if you require installing the CMS quickly, then Joomla is the one to go for.

With the knowledge of merits and demerits of each CMS, you are now in a better position to judge as to which CMS is better for your project and why. Always remember: The final selection of CMS will squarely depend upon your project’s requirements.

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