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A Brief Narration on Web Development

The term Web Development might ring a different tone to different people. But one thing is for certa...
Published: 17 Feb 2010
Category: Advanced Web Development
Home Blog A Brief Narration on Web Development

The term Web Development might ring a different tone to different people. But one thing is for certain, that almost every soul with the ability to understand and the will to move head with times is very much aware about the phenomenon called internet. It is but natural that they are also aware about the role that websites play in the marketing as well as advertising in the virtual online world. Web development however is one term that might cause confusion as well as raise a few brows here and there. Well, it happens. The term Web development actually is a niche term belonging to the people who are involved in the technical and development side of the web business. Nevertheless, with the mammoth size that the World Wide Web has assumed, it becomes necessary for the clients as well to get some idea about behind the scene actions that take place in the development of web sites and almost all the other actions that take place in the world of internet.
Web development if broadly defined includes development of the web sites for the World Wide Web. It engulfs in itself entities like web design, web content development, web server configuration and client side/server side scripting. To delve a little more into the technical side of the term-web development, it can be aptly divided into categories like:

Client Side Coding: The client with the help of these easy to use technical tools can make sure that the actual purpose of website development is really being met. Some of the technical terms and definitions along with their uses that are necessary for you to be familiar with are:

1) AJAX It can be of great help in providing newer methods to use languages like JavaScript, or server side languages like PHP or ASP.Net
2) Java scripts is an omnipresent client-side programming tool that can be of great help in your efforts to have an impactful and well guided web site
3) Flash adobe Flash player is another tool that gives you the liberty to exercise your own control on your web development

Server side coding: Some of the most important languages that form the real kernel of server side coding are:

2) PHP
3) .NET Core
4) Ruby
5) Python and,

Among all the languages that are used in web development, PHP is the most widely used server side language, as it is an open source programming language.

Believe me; the term open source entails a lot in it then what can be imagined. It not only allows the web developers to use this server side scripting to develop their web sites but also allows the developer to embellish it, add new features to it and make it a lot more robust and flexible. On a lighter note, if your add-ons manage to light up the eyes of the PHP group, it would directly mean an increment in your bank balance. Some of the other features that PHP entails are that it is the only open source language available as a standalone interpreter on majority of the operating systems and computing platforms and can also be used as a processor for most modern web servers.

Web development really demands a lot of expertise, professionalism, as well as a dexterous use of various languages as well as platforms. For any assistance in web development/SEO/or PPC work you need to get in touch with the masters. Contact Us.


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