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9 AdWords tips that let a campaign crush its competition

With AdWords, any PPC marketer will have 25 characters reserved for the headline, 70 characters for ...
Published: 22 Jul 2016
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
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With AdWords, any PPC marketer will have 25 characters reserved for the headline, 70 characters for both the descriptions (D1 and D2), and 35 characters earmarked for the display URL. So these specifications put all the digital marketers in a tight spot; and for this reason, they have to create adverts that will be clickable. Which is why, here is a post that has the ultimate 9 AdWords tips to enable any PPC campaign to rise above the rest.

Clear campaign goals

If the marketer and the business owner are still uncertain about what they would want to achieve from the AdWords campaign, then the entire activity will have a damaging impact on the PPC optimization.

For this purpose, the PPC marketer should gather the campaign requirements from the top management; and then it must chalk out a couple of well-defined goals for the campaign. Always remember that the best campaign goals are those which are aligned with the business’s goals, missions, and visions. So PPC marketers along with business owners must get things straight as far as these goals are concerned because if the campaign lacks such goals, it will doubtless lack direction too.

Keywords are the key to success

Keywords are important, and that is why many AdWord specialists and PPC marketing experts rely on the Google Keyword Planner. With such a tool, the digital marketers can see which keywords are the actual hit words; something that will drive traffic. Most of the times, the PPC marketer can even use the Google Keyword Planner to create search network campaigns and to expand the existing ones.

And since many do not want to rely on technology completely, it will be better to solicit opinions from staff and customers to find the keywords that they will use to search a particular product or service; you can even see what all keywords the competition of a particular campaign is targeting. . One tip: It will be better if the marketers plan to improve the quality of the keyword; the quality of any keyword will rise (and its bid value will decrease) if it is present in not only the ad copy but also the landing page content.

Fresh insights into keyword traffic

The PPC expert team, which is working on the campaign, must have clear visibility of the traffic that each keyword is drawing. These estimates are, actually, the volume statistics that must tell as to which keyword is liable to get more business. (This activity comes under one of the key PPC services.)

These days, there are a lot of traffic estimators in the market, but the best one is Google Analytics; through this tool, the advertisers get a clear view about which keyword drives how much traffic. Through this tool, the hired Pay Per Click management company will even be able to analyze the area-specific trends carried by a specific keyword. (Apart from Google Analytics, a business can even trust on countless Google AdWords tools to show which keyword is really worthy enough to get a place in the campaign.)

Remembering the nature of offerings

The PPC experts have to note that whether or not the offerings of the campaign are seasonal. If they are, then it will be better to understand the nature of the products/services the business is offering.

If these products/services are seasonal in nature (that is, their use increases in specific seasons only), then it will be apt to design a seasonal campaign. Say, if the business would like to make a campaign especially for holiday seasons—Halloween, Christmas, or New Year—then it will be better to have a specific target audience in mind for it, too. And if a business is investing in a seasonal advert campaign, then it must invest in designing a separate landing page that will carry the seasonal theme.

A clickable Call to Action everywhere

The Call to Action or CTA, tells what the visitor/searcher/prospect/buyer needs to do. So for that purpose, the CTA must be clickable—it should motivate the reader to click and reach the landing page.

The CTAs can be of a variety, and the clichéd ones include ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Get It Now.’ However, more and more PPC marketers are investing a lot of time in crafting CTAs that stand out. For example, the business can make its review page the landing page where the PPC ads will redirect. So the CTA for such a PPC ad will be ‘Read rave reviews here.’ And make sure that the CTA that is used in the PPC must be similar in tone (not a complete copy, though) on the landing page as well. Also, the CTA in the landing page must be clickable, bold, and easily visible.

Make the advert stand out

Many a time, the PPC agency will rely on the copy to make the advert outstrip its competition. However, the best way to make a PPC ad exceptional is by adding some special offers. If the products/services are having a special offer, then it will be apt to include that info in the ad smartly. Also, it is pretty beneficial to include different ad copies for a single keyword. By doing so, the business can make all the ads live on the same keyword and see which ad copy is giving the best results.

In short, the AdWords specialists along with the business’s sales team have to be pretty specific about what the customer is saving. That is because the customers will be solely interested in what they are getting after they click on the ad. So quantify savings or discounts to lure more and more customers.

Add contact numbers for service-oriented campaigns

When the campaign demands instant gratification, then it is best to include contact numbers or Skype IDs so that customers can reach the service provider quickly. However, if the campaign happens to be product specific, then it is pointless to add a contact number in the ad copy and waste the precious real estate.

For example, if a lawyer wants to run a PPC campaign, then the digital marketing strategies will create adverts that must include phone numbers or other contact details in the ad. That is because for all these services, the visitors/prospects must want instant gratification.

Some AdWord campaigns must run when customers are online

If the campaign’s conversion rates depend on human contact, then it is a must to pause the ads when the office closes. And in this case, the ads must be live only when the business is able to cater to the customer queries.

For instance, if a dentist or a wedding planner is having its PPC ads, then it is better to let the ads be live during the office hours only. Because if the ads are even live when the office is closed and if, during that time, the ad receives a prospect, there will be nobody to ensure that the very prospect is converted into business. This implies one lost deal.

Budgeting everything for optimizing campaigns

Nothing is for free, so it is better if the recruited PPC management company can budget the entire campaign. And the task does not end with budgeting only. That is because this budget has to be reviewed daily to know if the team is spending enough or way too much on the clicks

Another important reason why budgets have to be maintained is to analyze what all keywords are getting traffic. The negative keywords that either are irrelevant or are unable to derive a lot of traffic must be removed from the keyword group. This process is called campaign optimization.

So here are the top nine tips that, if followed by the book, can let any PPC campaign to deliver stellar results—regardless of the business’s size and offerings.


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