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7 reasons why Zend Framework has risen to fame

Also known as ZF, Zend Framework has changed the PHP developer’s world for the better; this framew...
Published: 12 Jul 2016
Category: Advanced Web Development
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Zend framework development

Also known as ZF, Zend Framework has changed the PHP developer’s world for the better; this framework has transformed the lives for many developers. Contrary to all the traditional platforms deployed for building websites, ZF enables the creation of a robust PHP-based web application and/or solution.

Nowadays, Zend is among the famous web development frameworks used the world over by every leading web development company. This framework is used for creating powerful, interactive websites. And all this fame comes with a good set of reasons, and that is what is expounded in this post. (And most of these features will always aid the programmer to pen better codes.)

The use of extended classes is a reality

The Zend framework is an object-oriented platform, and that is why it uses a truckload of Object Oriented (which is more commonly known as OO) concepts; these concepts include inheritance and interfaces. And because of the presence of the OO concepts by the dozen, the programmers can easily extend the platform’s components. And these concepts can even let the development team implement its own variations of individual components without hacking any codebase.

The OO concepts and their goodness

While working within the ZF, everything has to be viewed and used as a particular object. Whereas this will indeed have its own disadvantages—the key one is that the code becomes excessively tedious. However, this feature will offer an upper hand as it enables the code to be reusable.

Focusing on whatever is required while forgetting the rest

Strictly speaking in terms of design, Zend is a collection of classes. In every project, which is based on this very framework, the developer will incorporate a wide array of Zend MVC components that can be used without hassles. Further, this platform is pretty decoupled where each component is offered as an individual library. All the developers who have been working with the ZF must have heard of glue framework; this refers to the framework’s decoupled nature and its capacity to be glued to the existing or legacy apps.

ZF does a whole lot of things

This framework has been endowed with the exceptional ability to integrate a selection of components including controlling access, user authentication, and resources. Likewise, it is simple to integrate RSS feeds while creating forms.

Implementation of a model cannot be done here

This is practically the key reason why a lot of developers love Zend while others detest it. Lack of model implementation offers developers the flexibility to use any element and achieve the desired results. There are absolutely no restraints for holding back the complicated implementation.

ZF can be integrated with almost anything

Thanks to its decoupled nature, the ZF will make it pretty suitable to integrate all the external libraries that are to be deployed on the platform. For instance, the development team that is planning to leverage Smarty as its template can efficiently integrate any wrapping class with Zend View_Abastract.

The programming guidelines and conventions that can be trusted

Each of the contributors should sing a Contribute License Agreement (CLA); and, here, each code must always conform to a generalized Coding Standards. By adhering to such standards, each code becomes readable and highly qualitative.

So here are the top seven factors why Zend Framework development is now opted by every business that is looking forward to building a cutting-edge website. So ZF is, indeed, among the few platforms offering PHP certification and Zend Framework certification.


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