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7 Reasons PHP Accelerates and Improves Web Development

PHP is an evolving server-side scripting language that empowers 240 million websites today and enjoy...
Published: 06 Jul 2017
Category: Advanced Web Development
Home Blog 7 Reasons PHP Accelerates and Improves Web Development

PHP is an evolving server-side scripting language that empowers 240 million websites today and enjoys a monthly growth rate of nearly 15 percent. The flexibility and scalability of this programming framework are evident as leading websites like Wikipedia, Yahoo, and Facebook are based on this technology. So whether it is online business applications or robust e-commerce system, this open-source framework ensures swift development. Because of its growing popularity, this post carries PHP’s top benefits that inspire businesses to use PHP for developing and deploying their next big web solution.

Simplicity Goes To The Next Level

PHP makes coding simpler and more effective than ever. With this programming framework, web developers can reduce their coding efforts while focusing on quality. Whether it is about standardization of the code or its personalization, PHP excels in every aspect without compromising on simplicity.

Open-Source Technology To Unlock Potential

This development platform is free, easy to use, and has abundant documentation for simplifying its use. Because of all these factors, PHP has become one of the most robust and cost-effective tools for creating different web properties of varying complexities. That is why developers use this language to take over the internet’s space without thinking about subscription fees and legal obligations.

Unmatched Compatibility With CMS

Adaptive content is all the rage these days. With the rise of this content format, CMS customization has become critical to remain competitive in today’s World Wide Web. Since the concept of adaptive content makes a website highly personalized for every visitor, its code needs to be compatible with the CMS too. And PHP is among the few platforms that make a website structure highly adaptive, allowing developers to change it with the CMS. One fun fact: Leading CMS’s Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla are based on PHP only.

Scalability Adds To The Flexibility

Facebook is the most powerful social media platform that runs using PHP. Because Facebook’s content management needs are complex and always evolving, this social-media giant has derived a language from PHP; its name is Hack, and it takes care of the platform’s content-management requirements. Now, this fact stands testimony to the amount of flexibility and scalability any web development company can expect PHP to bring to a project.

Fresh Add-Ons For Improved Functionality

PHP boasts unparalleled stability because of its range of add-ons, which improve a site’s or an app’s functionality. Being an open-source framework, this language is supported by an ever-growing family of developers who are continuously involved in developing useful add-ons and extensions.

Big Standard Library Streamlines Data Processing

The main difference between a useful programming language and a great one is its standard library. These libraries help in streamlining and simplifying data processing. A site’s visitors may spend nearly eight seconds on a webpage, so its loading time should be very short. Thanks to PHP’s vast standard library, developers have extensive support for regular expressions, HTTP fetching, database drivers, and URL parsing, to name a few. This library might be a bit incoherent-but with time, the PHP development community will solve this issue.

Excellent Performance Delivered

Apart from improving development speed, PHP increases the execution pace of a project too. Since it is operating on a traditional web stack, this language uses the Apache web server and enables developers to leverage MySQL databases. Its rich functionality and exceptional compatibility empower developers to create customized web development solutions.

So whether a business is looking forward to designing its next corporate website, eCommerce store, ERP system, or any custom web solution, associate with a reliable web development company only. A trusted web development partner will have in-depth expertise in managing complex web projects and will boast multi-shore delivery capabilities worldwide.


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