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6 features that make a landing page stand out

It takes only 10 seconds for visitors to get convinced whether they should stick to a landing page o...
Published: 07 Sep 2016
Category: User Experience Design
Home Blog 6 features that make a landing page stand out

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It takes only 10 seconds for visitors to get convinced whether they should stick to a landing page or not, so those moments are crucial to converting a visitor into a prospect. Because of that, it has become important to optimize a landing page. But many are unaware of the characteristics that every good landing page must have. This is why this post gives all its readers the low-down on the features that every great landing page has.

A landing page must be clean

A good landing page must never be an eyesore; it must boast a clean design that is simple to navigate. A landing page’s design must not aim to play a hide-and-seek game; rather, it should present its offerings as clearly as possible. A dangerous temptation shared by many web designers is to fill every corner of the landing page with information. But visitors just want a solution, so ignore the bells and whistles. Here are the tips that every business that is about to design a landing page must follow.

  • Let the design be clear and simple.
  • Include only necessary pieces of information.
  • The tone (content) of the page must cajole visitors to strike a conversation with the business

Limit the page’s navigation

Likewise, a business (along with its hired web design company) must avoid the temptation to link each page of its site to the landing page. This page will have one purpose—guiding visitors to take a defined action; they will take a definite action if this page’s navigation is easy to follow.

The page’s headline needs to be catchy

A headline of a landing page is the first point where the entire space will attempt to have a conversation with its visitors. A headline in this space should try to pique the visitors’ curiosity with a statement or a question that is relevant to their needs. In short, the headline of this page must be irresistible so that they should stay on this page.

Interact with visitors on an emotional level

In a landing page, a business must always address the issue of its visitors. Many landing pages do not follow this golden rule; rather, businesses, generally, give in to the temptation to talk about themselves on a landing page or detail their journey to glory. However, such useless scraps of information will never solve any of your visitors’ problems. So reserve this space to talk about visitors and how a business can solve their issues.

Get a clear call to action

Businesses should never assume that visitors would take action by themselves. That is, a landing page must have a very clear, bold call to action. Leading web designing firms, offering UI/UX design in India, avoid putting a timid “Click Here” option or the vague “Submit” option as the call to-action button. So call to action should directly address a visitor’s problem. Further, a landing page’s call-to-action button must be clear and strong and must convey how a business can solve a visitor’s problem.

Test the page frequently

Start the content strategy of the landing page with a very clear mindset. And that strategy must be implemented once the landing page is fully designed. Before making the page live, the business along with the hired web development agency must test the landing page thoroughly to ensure that all the elements (design and navigation), including the content strategy, are functioning well.

By putting each of these features within its landing page, a business will ensure that 10 seconds are enough to convert a visitor to take necessary actions and become a prospect.


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