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5 Ways ServiceNow Improves Outcomes For The Insurance Sector

Today’s fast-paced digital landscape throws several challenges at the insurance sector, hampering ...
Anurag Dutt
Published: 01 Jun 2023
Category: ServiceNow
Home Blog 5 Ways ServiceNow Improves Outcomes For The Insurance Sector

Today’s fast-paced digital landscape throws several challenges at the insurance sector, hampering customer satisfaction and hindering operational efficiency. Nonetheless, newer technologies such as ServiceNow are redefining the ways insurers operate, enabling them to improve productivity, deliver sterling customer experiences, and streamline processes. In this blog, we’ll share five ways ServiceNow is transforming the insurance industry and improving outcomes for policyholders and insurers alike.

Improve Workflow Automation

ServiceNow brings impressive workflow automation capabilities that help insurers automate and modernize manual processes. If leveraged strategically, this platform enables insurers to automate repetitive tasks, including claims processing, risk assessment, policy underwriting, and policy renewals. Insurance companies that use ServiceNow properly can maximize efficiency, improve accuracy, and eradicate bottlenecks. So, insurers harnessing the capabilities of this platform can speed up policy issuance, boost customer satisfaction, and accelerate claims settlements.

Streamline Communication And Collaboration

The insurance industry has multiple stakeholders, including claims adjusters, underwriters, and customer service reps. Because of this reason, the sector thrives on effective communication and streamlined collaboration. Every stakeholder needs to work in tandem to deliver outstanding results. But coordination among stakeholders becomes a headache if everyone is operating in siloes. Here’s where ServiceNow’s unified platform comes into play. This solution offers a robust central hub, which enables seamless communication, improves collaboration, manages task assignments, and delivers real-time updates. This platform gives shared visibility into customer datasets and streamlines communication channels so that insurance personnel can swiftly respond to inquiries and resolve issues at lightning speed.

Deliver Powerful Reporting And Analytics

Data is a precious asset for the insurance segment. To leverage data effectively, insurers can use ServiceNow’s game-changing reporting and analytics capabilities. These capabilities enable insurers to gain key insights and make informed decisions. ServiceNow also consolidates a large number of datasets to discover patterns, potential risks, and trends to fine-tune underwriting processes, detect fraudulent claims, and manage risks effectively. Moreover, ServiceNow helps insurance companies gain access to real-time data and create custom reports that equip insurers with the right set of tools required to analyze performance, drive continuous improvement, and track key metrics.

Facilitate Integration With Third-Party Systems

ServiceNow’s architecture enables insurance companies to integrate third-party applications and systems that are commonplace in the insurance segment. The platform brings impressive integration capabilities that eliminate data siloes and streamline information exchange among enterprise systems: CRM platforms, document management systems, claims management systems, and the like. Integrating these systems can help insurers streamline processes, enhance data accuracy, and unify the view of customer information across the insurance organization. This eventually results in accelerating decision-making and strengthening customer service.

Advanced Compliance And Security

Data compliance and security are paramount in the insurance sector. The ServiceNow platform includes robust security measures and follows a comprehensive compliance framework to ensure regulatory adherence and safeguard sensitive customer data. The platform brings many features – data encryption, audits, and role-based access controls – thereby empowering insurers to meet industry-centric compliance requirements and protect customer data. Using ServiceNow’s cutting-edge security features, insurers can inspire confidence among their stakeholders, maintain data privacy, solidify their reputation, and minimize data breaches.

 Associating With A ServiceNow Consulting Partner

 However, using every ServiceNow feature optimally can overwhelm even the savviest insurance company. Here’s where a trusted ServiceNow consulting company comes in. At Flexsin, we have in-depth expertise that can help insurance companies make the most of their ServiceNow investments. Our ServiceNow experts help insurers use this platform to drive sustainable growth and improve the experience of policyholders. Additionally, integrating cloud consulting into your ServiceNow deployment can further enhance your organization’s capabilities, ensuring seamless integration with cloud-based solutions and maximizing efficiency. Talk with our ServiceNow and cloud consulting specialists today to get started.


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