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5 Tips To Successfully Implement A Digital Workplace

Deploying a digital workplace platform is a complex task. Why? Because creating a digital workplace ...
Anurag Dutt
Published: 15 Mar 2023
Category: Digital Workplace
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Deploying a digital workplace platform is a complex task. Why? Because creating a digital workplace involves different technologies and multiple stakeholders. But if your business follows digital workplace implementation best practices, it will see significant improvements in employee engagement, collaboration, and efficiency. As a reliable digital workplace company, we share the five tips to help your business implement its digital workplace.

Tip #1: Selecting The Most Robust Technology Infrastructure

Ask digital workplace management experts, and they will tell you one thing – the most robust digital workplace is built on the foundation of a solid technology sack. What does this kind of a technology stack include? Well, it involves tools that integrate with one another to help you build your digital workplace; besides, these tools should even integrate with existing business management solutions – ERP modules, CRM systems, and the like. Here is a case in point: You may already have Microsoft Teams as your collaboration platform of choice. You can integrate Teams with SharePoint to manage all your documents in one place. Then you may even start to use PowerApps to empower citizen developers across your firm to develop custom business apps. That is how you will build a technology stack that can lay the foundation for creating an effective and user-friendly digital workplace.

Tip #2: Improving The User Experience Of Digital Workplaces

User experience, or UX, is integral to making a successful digital workplace platform. After all, your next digital workplace has to be intuitive to use; moreover, it even has to be accessible on any device and from anywhere. An ideal digital workplace even supports personalized workflows that empower users to tailor their experiences to their preferences. For instance, you may use AI-enabled tools, including Microsoft Viva Insights, to gain actionable insights into your workforce’s well-being and productivity. The bottom line is simple – when you focus on a digital workplace’s user experience, you will drive employee engagement and user adoption.

Tip #3: Leveraging Automation And AI Optimally

Digitalization in a workplace begins with using the right suite of automation and AI technologies. When you leverage natural language processing, robotics process automation (RPA), etc., you will improve your business’s efficiency and productivity. For example, you may start to use chatbots to support your employees and even automate routine workflows. Moreover, you may harness the power of AI-enabled analytics systems to help you gain insights into employee sentiments and behavior. Overall, using these emerging technologies can help you build an engaging digital workplace hub that makes your workforce efficient.

Tip #4: Following Change Management Best Practices

Deploying an elastic digital workplace platform means you have to make some heavy changes in culture, behavior, and processes. That is why it is essential for you to prioritize change management in order to improve implementation outcomes. For that reason alone, businesses that leverage digital workplace services even consider investing in change management. If you are planning to create a robust digital workplace, then you will have to plan change management from the get-go. But how can you invest in change management? Focus on communicating the upsides of such a platform to its stakeholders; likewise, train and support the end-users of the platform; you may also ask for feedback or ideas that can help improve the digital workplace platform. By prioritizing change management, you can make sure the transition to the new platform is quite smooth.

Tip #5: Associating With A Digital Workplace Implementation Expert

Deploying a scalable digital work environment should start with having a digital workplace strategy. But creating a strategy for your next digital workplace is a challenge if you lack the experience. Here is where a trusted digital workplace implementation provider comes into the picture. When you sign up for digital workplace solutions, you will drive digitalization in your workplace without compromising on its security and usability. You can start by looking at different digital workplace programs to find the one that fits your business requirements and budget perfectly.

How Do We Help?
Of course, reading these tips is easier than following them in letter and spirit. You will need thorough expertise to put each of the tips from paper to the real world. And for that reason, it is essential for you to associate with a digital workplace solutions provider. Here is where we enter. We have a deep understanding of implementing a modern digital workplace. Whether you want to build a hybrid digital workplace or a simple digital workplace intranet, we will help you get started and keep going. Our team has helped businesses build and implement a secure digital workplace that maximizes engagement, collaboration, and productivity. Sign up for a no-obligation digital workplace consulting session with us and see how we can help you get started with digitizing your work and workforce.


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