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5 Reasons A Business Should Choose Cloud Hosting Over Legacy Hosting

Businesses today are turning to a cloud solution to meet their hosting requirements. Cloud hosting b...
Anurag Dutt
Published: 08 Jun 2023
Category: Cloud / SaaS
Home Blog 5 Reasons A Business Should Choose Cloud Hosting Over Legacy Hosting

Businesses today are turning to a cloud solution to meet their hosting requirements. Cloud hosting brings a wide array of benefits over legacy hosting solutions. If implemented strategically, the cloud provides businesses with flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. In this explainer, we will dive deep into five reasons businesses invest in cloud hosting services over different legacy hosting solutions.

Reason 1: Driving Reliability And Performance

 Cloud hosting will help your company unleash reliability and superior performance when compared to conventional legacy hosting. Powered by cloud hosting, your web application or website is hosted on a cluster of servers, ensuring your business remains accessible even during high traffic volumes or server failures. Cloud hosting providers deploy different load-balancing techniques that distribute workloads across a range of servers while reducing downtime and maximizing performance. Cloud hosting companies leverage the power of many services to deliver accelerated response times, uninterrupted service availability, and high website speed.

 Reason 2: Improving Scalability

 Cloud hosting brings the benefit of high scalability. That means your business, which hosts its digital assets on the cloud, can scale resources seamlessly depending on demand. Legacy hosting will restrict your business with physical services, but cloud hosting will let it ramp up or down resources. This flexibility will help your company handle sudden traffic spikes with zero slowdowns or disruptions. Cloud hosting will also enable your business to add or remove multiple resources, such as storage, RAM, and CPU, seamlessly. That way, your organization can accommodate growing user demands and optimize costs.

 Reason 3: Strengthening Security

Your business will have to ensure maximum security before it hosts its applications and data on the cloud. Fortunately, cloud hosting offers built-in security features that exceed the security offerings of any traditional legacy hosting solution. Cloud hosting providers offer strict security measures, such as data encryption, fail-safe firewalls, periodic data backups, and continual monitoring. Additionally, cloud hosting companies bring dedicated security teams that specialize in safeguarding business assets against always-evolving cyber threats. Organizations that invest in cloud hosting can rest assured that their applications and data are protected from data breaches, unauthorized access, and miscellaneous security risks.

Reason 4: Realizing Cost-Efficiency

Cloud hosting offers businesses cost-efficient hosting plans when compared to legacy hosting. After all, conventional hosting requires your business to invest in networking equipment, physical servers, and multiple infrastructures. These investments lead to a sudden rise in upfront costs and regular maintenance expenses. On the other hand, cloud hosting – such as AWS hosting, Azure hosting, or GCP hosting – lets you choose a pay-as-you-go model. As per this model, you pay for only those resources you require. That means your business does not have to invest a sizable amount of capital on hardware and can minimize maintenance costs, too. Moreover, cloud hosting brings economies of scale, empowering businesses to benefit from minimized costs incurred by every unit of computing power.

Reason 5: Improving Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery


Businesses need to recover quickly and suffer minimal downtime in the face of natural calamities, hardware failures, or disasters. Cloud hosting offers exceptional disaster recovery support, ensuring business continuity when compared to conventional hosting services. Cloud hosting providers offer fully automated backup solutions, ensuring your organization’s data is backed up regularly and stored securely. When confronted with disruptions, your organization can restore its data and applications, reducing downtime and enabling smooth business operations. Undoubtedly, in terms of recovery capability and resilience, traditional hosting cannot hold a candle to cloud hosting solutions.


Finding A Trusted Cloud Consulting Services Provider


Businesses need to stay competitive in today’s digital age. For this reason, it is integral to find the right cloud hosting solution. Cloud hosting comes with a variety of benefits. It has become a smart choice for organizations that want to maximize performance, improve scalability, strengthen security, and raise cost efficiency. If your business is planning to migrate to a cloud or needs to optimize its existing cloud infrastructure, we have you covered. We are a trusted cloud consulting company that offers a suite of services, including cloud consulting, cloud application development, and managed services. Connect with our cloud engineers today to help your business unlock the complete potential of cloud hosting.


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