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3 Signs That Show Your Business Is Cloud-Ready

Cloud computing has been around for a couple of decades now. But the recent years have witnessed clo...
Anurag Dutt
Published: 10 May 2021
Category: Cloud / SaaS
Home Blog 3 Signs That Show Your Business Is Cloud-Ready

Cloud computing has been around for a couple of decades now. But the recent years have witnessed cloud computing being adopted by many enterprises and SMEs. On top of that, the growth of newly formed and highly evolved cloud ecosystems is not slowing down anytime soon.

The technology giant Cisco has already predicted that cloud data centers will execute 94 percent of the workloads by this year. However, it is hard to tell whether your business is cloud-ready. If you are confused about moving your business to the cloud, then you are at the right place. Here, we will give three signs that show whether your business is ready to embrace the cloud.

Requiring more storage

Is your business running out of storage on its existing server? If so, then now is the best time to consider buying cloud space. It is completely feasible for you to add new servers or upgrade current ones, but moving to the cloud has its own perks. First of all, cloud storage is flexible; that means you can scale up or down the storage capacity as per your business requirements. On the contrary, upgrading your on-premise servers will be an expensive move as it will require future-proofing so that you can meet fresh demands down the road.

Supporting a remote workforce

With the COVID-19 pandemic, most organizations have adopted the remote working culture to protect their workforce. And this trend of working remotely is not going to change even in the post-pandemic world. That means businesses will rely on cutting-edge cloud services that will facilitate this shift more effectively. Bottom line: If you want to support your workforce remotely, you will need to invest in a robust cloud ecosystem. Once you have a solid cloud environment, you can store your data virtually, which can be accessed anytime by your employees.

File-sharing is getting too challenging

Being dependent on conventional ways of file sharing has slowed down most organizations. These methods are inefficient for sure. To make matters worse, traditional file sharing may even compromise security; for example, businesses using unauthorized file-sharing methods may lead to data leaks and other catastrophic incidences. However, businesses that use cloud-based file sharing methods improve their workforce’s efficiency and foster a collaborative culture. Besides, a robust cloud ecosystem will help all the relevant stakeholders view the same version of a document; this way, the possibility of having multiple versions of the same document is reduced considerably. Overall, a cloud-enabled file sharing system will make sure the process of uploading, viewing, and editing a file is streamlined.

Cloud-ready or not?

These are some of the most popular reasons that have encouraged many enterprises to move to the cloud. If you are still confused about whether your business is ready for the cloud, reach out to us. Our experts will analyze your business model and help you discover whether your enterprise is ready to leverage a cloud ecosystem.


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