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3 Innovative Marketing Ideas to Generate Fresh Leads Through Social Media

Many businesses rethink the possibilities of social media by attracting fresh prospects and customer...
Published: 21 Oct 2016
Category: New Technologies
Home Blog 3 Innovative Marketing Ideas to Generate Fresh Leads Through Social Media


Many businesses rethink the possibilities of social media by attracting fresh prospects and customers. For every business, right from retail to remanufacturing, the biggest social media platforms—Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter—are evolving.

What does research works indicate?

If research works are to be believed, close to three-quarters of Americans are active on at least one of these social media networks. And we have not factored in other social collectives, such as Reddit and StumbleUpon, which are always hot on the tails of these biggie social media platforms.

Keeping the facts in mind

By analyzing these facts, social media marketer should be innovative, thorough, and systematic in making the most of these digital channels that reimagine social to expand a customer base. But playing on these social media platforms is easier said than done.

So businesses and their social media experts need a step-by-step strategy that starts with researching, goes to tracking, and ends with promotions. Because of this, in this post, we discuss three of the innovative marketing ideas that convert followers and friends into customers by unlocking the power of social media.

Step 1: Researching demographics and refreshing audience profiles

Every service or product has its own target market, so every social media marketer needs to have a proper description of audience profiles. The key is to discover different demographics on every social media framework and to gear every marketing effort toward the chosen demographics.

Basic demographics of leading social media platforms

  • LinkedIn: Mid-aged, business-oriented adults and professionals populate this social site. Many of such adults harness the true power of this portal to build business networks.
  • Facebook: This is a teen-dominated social platform that is used by more women rather than men.
  • Twitter: Interestingly this platform witnesses that it has more male users rather than the female ones.

Step 2: Analyzing and tracking all key analytics

After a business launches its social media campaigns, social media marketers periodically analyze and track all the campaign-related analytics. Such tracking is forever necessary to make sense of how social images, links, posts, etc., perform. Every social media site has its set of analytics that helps in tracking the performance of these social media ingredients.

Key analytics of top social media sites (social signals):

  • Facebook: Fan-related metrics, hashtag, likes, comments, links clicked, shares, photo shares, tracks, photo likes, video play, and positive feedback.
  • LinkedIn: Shares, connections, hashtag, likes, links, tracking, and photo links, responses/engagement.
  • Twitter: Retweets, favorites, followers, replies, hashtag tracks, and mentions.

Step 3: Utilizing popular promotional gateway tactics, such as videos

Reinventing the wheel is needless when business talks about promotional tactics that include exceptional gateways to attract fresh customers. While it is really ok to be creative sometimes, there are a couple of techniques that work for different social media sites that we have discussed in this post.

The most popular one among those techniques is a webinar. They are essentially educational videos that may or may not use gateways. The trick lies in developing videos that answer a very demanding question. These videos can be thought of as educational vids that are heavily searched. With videos, the marketers have the advantage of targeting all the short-tail keywords that have the capacity to attract humongous traffic.

Because of these factors, it’s essential to leverage the services of any social media marketing company that knows the ins and outs of using these platforms to the best of its abilities.


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