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3 E-commerce Web Designing Tips That Convert Visitors into Customers

Creating an e-commerce website that is appreciated by visitors (and customers) boils down to two ele...
Home Blog 3 E-commerce Web Designing Tips That Convert Visitors into Customers
AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Nov 23 2015

Creating an e-commerce website that is appreciated by visitors (and customers) boils down to two elements—understanding human psychology and testing the site’s big and small components. E-commerce web designers along with the business owner must understand how people really browse, view, and buy from a site.

Afterward, the e-commerce webmasters will have to carry out the website’s exhaustive testing. (Basically, they see and determine what all works for the site.) However, first things first, every webmaster along with the business owner must analyze the conversion studies; that is, they have to determine collectively all those reasons that transform a visitor to a customer.

But all these points come later; the first thing that every business owner must keep in mind is the web-designing basics that can lead to building a great e-commerce website. In this post, here are a couple of designing errors that should be avoided by every e commerce web development company.

Identifying a clear value proposition

A conversion expert, Peep Laja of Markitekt, says, “Your value proposition is the #1 thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button. If I could give you only one piece of conversion advice, ‘test your value proposition’ would be it.”

Value proposition decides why a visitor should become your customer and not the competitor’s; it is that one reason that forces the customer to stick to your website (and even buy from it). Every e-commerce business should make its design as its value proposition. Create a clear, simple-to-follow design that communicates exactly what the business wants. A great design that can be your value proposition should have:

  • Crisp body copy
  • High-resolution images (complementing the copy)
  • Additional features (such as free shipping or warranty)

Writing true, easy-to-understand product/service description

Product description is an e-commerce portal’s sales guy. Every web development company instructs its clients to have excellent product descriptions (because images, alone, cannot carry the show). However, many online-selling businesses end up showing faulty product descriptions on their websites. (That should not be done because reading a faulty product description is a big turn off for many customers/prospects.)

Having visual hierarchy

A layman can also tell the importance of a visual hierarchy on any website. (This importance travels several notches higher if the discussion is about an e-commerce site.) If an online-selling business has a visual hierarchy, it will have an easy-to-navigate structure. Another important aspect of a visual hierarchy is to have all larger, more appealing images placed on the top of webpages.

With these design tips in mind, any budding or experienced e-commerce portal can conquer unimaginable heights of excellence.

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