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2015 Digital Marketing trends to hype your Online Branding

2015 is just around the corner and we are ready to say goodbye to 2014. Trends of marketing are chan...
Published: 18 Dec 2014
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog 2015 Digital Marketing trends to hype your Online Branding

2015 is just around the corner and we are ready to say goodbye to 2014. Trends of marketing are changing at a rapid rate. Taste of online users is changing. People are giving preference to placing online orders than visiting a physical store individually. Now, there are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users. All websites have become advanced, interactive, and communicative with responsive web design. What is popular and trendy in 2014 will become stale and outdated. So, marketers need to rethink before they allocate marketing budget and prepare an online marketing and advertising strategy.

Digital Marketing Trends

In the last couple of years, digital marketing has taken a new shape and has left traditional marketing-media channels behind in the race of targeting existing as well as new audiences. Today’s digital marketing is advanced, cost-effective, fast, and responsive. It has a very quick turnaround time and helps online business at a rapid rate. Businesses prefer to promote and market commercial products and services via digital marketing to target consumers and businesses using popular digital channels, such as personal computers, smartphones, cell phones, and tablet. Digital platforms and technologies, including websites, emails, apps, and social networks, make digital marketing possible for businesses of types and sizes associated with diverse industries.

Mentioned-below are some of the 2015 digital marketing indicators that will influence online brand experience. To drive brand strength, digital marketers need to follow them seriously.

Google’s emphasis on mobile friendly sites has enabled businesses to go for mobile optimization. To do so, more focus will be on mobile-optimized content and social media marketing. A fully-responsive website, mobile ads, and mobile-optimized content will dominate 2015. Ad revenue of social media sites has increased sharply in 2014. So, businesses will show their interest in investing their money in social media channels.

In 2014, 93% b2b marketers used content marketing, and out of which 42% were  successful. The money that was invested in PPC, SEO and social media in 2014 will be re-allocated to content marketing efforts in 2015. Now email content, supported by downloadable PDFs such as eBook, e-brochure and white papers, will reduce the gap between customers and real content. SEO, social media, and content will depend upon one another for success.

High quality content will help SEO companies deliver the results. People come to social media channels to interact with others. Brands have to connect with their audience on a human-level in order to gain from higher conversion rates, improved brand loyalty, quick audience growth, and satisfied customers. With poor click-through rates and ineffective banner advertising, publishers and brands have to create sponsored, relevant and supplementary content along with the primary content so that native ads don’t look promotional.

To successfully dominate the market in 2015, marketers need to take help from reputed and experienced internet marketing and SEO marketing company that has a perfect online marketing strategy. The online marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing. So, it delivers conversion, generates better revenues, facilitates interaction with targeted audiences, caters mobile consumers, builds brand reputation, provides better ROI for marketing investments, earns people’s trust, entices people to take favorable action, makes you ready for the Internet of things, and ensures online business survival.


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