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Client Overview
Since 2005, USA Vein Clinics has helped patients get rid of vein diseases and improve the quality of their lives. Having clinics located in different locations across the US, the client has become a trusted center for receiving reliable care. The client's chain of vein centers is spread in 17 states in the US. And this chain has risen to prominence at a dramatic pace because the client offers best-in-class care, depending on each patient's individual conditions.
  • 80% Improved Visibility
  • 60% Boost In Traffic Value
  • 118% Increase In Online Leads
  • 24% Reduced Bounce Rate
Project Challenges
The client was already doing its website SEO, but the results were not encouraging. After all, the client lacked expertise in organic online marketing and was following a DIY approach. The result? The SEO campaigns the client was creating did not give any solid returns. On top of that, the client was targeting highly competitive and semi-competitive keywords. Moreover, since the client's care delivery centers were located in multiple locations, it had to focus on local SEO only. But it lacked any experience in doing local SEO. Being in the business offering top-class vein treatments, the client's main goal was to skyrocket the number of leads that it received earlier. Below, we are mentioning a few challenges that the client was facing at the start of the engagement.

  • Improving the organic ranking for competitive and semi-competitive keywords
  • Increasing the number of appointments received periodically
  • Doing local SEO to attract more geo-specific traffic to its website
  • Measuring and increasing the ROI from every SEO initiative
Strategy & Solution
After multiple rounds of discussions and cross-checking our credentials, the client decided to bring our SEO specialists on board. We started doing detailed discussions on understanding the client's requirements. After many discussions, it was clear the client wanted to get more leads on the website: After these initial discussions, our team of SEO experts was able to crystalize the different objectives that the client had for the engagement.

Our digital marketing team closely analyzed these objectives and aligned them with its SEO campaigns. With the objectives and campaigns all set, our team began analyzing the website. The detailed analyses shone some light on the problems that were present on the client's website. So, our SEO specialists had to find and finalize a set of appropriate keywords. The keyword mix, which our team prepared, also included competitive keywords whose visibility was sky-high. Our team's site analyses revealed unoptimized multi-location webpages as well.

Our SEO experts also studied in detail the industry to which the client belonged. Besides, they even did multiple competitor analyses to get an idea of what the competition was doing. That way, our SEO team was able to strategize more clearly about getting the client's website to rank high on major search engines. As an SEO agency, we even performed detailed on-page and off-page optimizations to make sure that the website's organic performance rises.

As per the initial agreement with the client, our team was supposed to promote 200 keywords for the client's website. Thanks to our deep SEO expertise and experience in digital marketing, we made 110 keywords rank on the top search engine result pages or SERPs of leading search engines. Also, our team's local SEO campaigns helped the client receive a high number of quality leads or appointments from the locations that have the client's vein treatment centers. Now, the project is moving to the next phase where we will focus on sustaining the first-page rankings for the client and attracting more local leads.

Business Outcomes
From optimizing the website of the client to helping it rank for competitive keywords, our SEO campaign included all. Once this campaign was implemented, the client maximized its traffic value and online leads.
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Client's Speak
The SEO team at Flexsin is incredible. The SEO specialists here know the chops about organic online marketing. I am very impressed with the results.
Chryl Chambers
Vice President Of Marketing - USA Vein Clinics - Niles, Illinois, United States
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