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Client Overview
Based in the UK, Online Masonic Regalia offers a wide selection of authentic masonic regalia, books, masonic gifts, and jewelry. The client also specializes in creating bespoke masonic regalia if there is a need. Moreover, the client is the go-to source for many brothers looking for masonic regalia. It is because of the fact that this online shop delivers not only the best products but also excellent customer service. Not to mention, the client is continually refreshing its product range to include the latest masonic regalia.
  • 70% Increase In Visibility
  • 60% Boost In Traffic Value
  • 50% Increase In Online Leads
  • 25% Reduced Bounce Rate
Project Challenges
As the client ran an e-commerce store that offered a wide array of masonic regalia, it wanted the website to become more visible to its target audiences. Moreover, the client wanted its e-commerce store to receive more traffic consistently. After all, more traffic meant more leads and improved ROI. However, as the client was unaware of online marketing strategies, its e-commerce website was not delivering a lot of business. On top of that, the client hired some SEO agencies that made empty promises and proved to be money-guzzlers. The client eventually withdrew the contracts of multiple SEO agencies and was left alone to deal with a non-performing e-commerce website. Moving forward, the client had to face the following challenges.

  • Improving the website visibility on the SERPs of top search engines
  • Increasing the quantity of the traffic that the website received
  • Boosting the ROI of all the online marketing efforts that the client undertook
Strategy & Solution
After trying many SEO agencies that only claimed to be good but failed to deliver real results, the client found us. Our SEO team helped the client execute organic search engine optimization strategies for its online store. To deliver results and avoid getting penalized, our team stuck to only white-hat SEO strategies. That way, the team helped the client's website rank on the top SERPs of leading search engines, including Google.

Besides, our SEO efforts enabled the client to enjoy an incredible level of visibility on different search engines. And more visibility meant more leads, more sales, and increased revenue. As the website was still new, our SEO team had the liberty to change the URL's structure, making the website SEO-friendlier than before. Additionally, we ensured that the site's content, images, and navigation were changed. This modification would help the client's online store achieve higher rankings for even the most competitive keywords.

While we were doing in-depth content analyses on the website, we found that some content pieces were duplicated. And duplicate content was, and still is, the biggest enemy of high search engine rankings. That is when the client leveraged the services of our experienced content specialists, who crafted creative, fresh content for the client's e-commerce store.

Our team paired different on-site and off-site optimization tactics for creating effective strategies that will not lose value over time. We employed different methods and techniques to attract valuable and the right links for increasing the online ranking of the website. Carefully crafted SEO strategies have helped us increase the online visibility of the website incredibly. Besides, we made certain on-page changes on the site; those changes helped us increase its traffic exponentially. Improved online visibility and high rankings have helped our SEO team boost the number of qualified leads that the e-commerce website received.

Moreover, we created backlinks and optimized local business listings too. This way, we further improved the online visibility and the ranking of the website. In addition, we used canonical URLs for improving the link and ranking signals as well. Last, our team deftly used 301 redirects to redirect the users to fresh content. All of these efforts helped us improve the website's ranking and increase the traffic it received.
Business Outcomes
During the SEO campaign, we helped the client improve its website rankings and the quality of traffic and leads it received. We made sure that the client posted content assets regularly to increase audience engagement.
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Client's Speak
When it came to trying paid marketing for receiving more leads and building a brand presence, Flexsin was the right choice. The SEO team at Flexsin is phenomenal because it delivers real results and not just promises.
Manjit Khera
Owner - Masonic Collection Ltd. - Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom
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