Ecommerce Website SEO That Increased Sales For A UK Store Selling Masonic Collections

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Client Overview
Managing an e-commerce store, the client brings a wide collection of regalia for freemasons. The digital store offers a regalia selection, including masonic books, gloves, jewelry, and other customized accessories. Founded in 2009, the e-commerce store has an updated selection of regalia that masons order from anywhere in the world. With its robust e-commerce store, the client has expanded its reach by leaps and bounds.
  • 80% Visibility Increase
  • 70% Traffic Improvement
  • 70% Increased Outbound Lead
  • 6 Keywords in Top 3
Project Challenges
The biggest challenge of this project was the fact that two domains were clubbed and hosted in the same space. In other words, the same site was running on two different domains. On top of that, it was too late to rectify such a problem. At the same time, one website can be easily considered a duplicate of the other site. Achieving the rankings for two different domains for the same keyword list and sustaining the site position on top SERPs posed a great challenge. Some of the top challenges that the client faced were as follows.

  • The site faced low organic traffic
  • The website ranked on the seventh or eighth SERPs
  • An unoptimized site led to zero leads
  • The website ROI was at an all-time low
Strategy & Solution
From the beginning of the engagement, the client was pretty clear that it wanted fast improvements that led to quick wins. The biggest win - the website getting appeared on the first page of major search engines. We were also required to update Google and other search engines that both the domains belonged to the same person, place, and folder. However, with research and dedication, we achieved this feat.

We carried out an initial analysis of the website. The site optimization involved many on-page changes - modifying URL structures, optimizing site navigation, changing heading, revamping content, and adding new images. Besides, we also added or updated the meta tags of all landing pages and product pages on the basis of the queries being made. Carrying out the updates on the meta tags was completed within a month.

Lastly, we even did extensive technical research and market research to make the site search engine friendly. That way, we were recognized in the eyes of search engines. With all the teamwork, technical recommendations, and an effective search engine strategy, we generated a good number of leads too.
Business Outcomes
Our SEO campaign was designed to make sure that the website was revamped from end to end. From optimizing URL structures to improving content quality, we helped the site receive a good amount of traffic and leads.
Keyword Few Main Keywords are Shown Ranking Feb-2015
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Client's Speak
Work completed on time and to the high standards as usual. Flexsin team had outstanding sense of responsibility and professionalism.
Manjit Khera
Owner Masonic Collection Ltd, Coventry UK
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