Improved Organic Site Ranking And Traffic Quality For US Prescription Discount Card Company

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Client Overview
A leading US company, the client brings a health care discount card that has helped millions of Americans to save a hefty amount on medicines. The client also operates an ever-growing affiliate network to help card distributors earn a commission of nearly 40 percent on every prescription. The client's website is feature-rich and helps users find pharmacies, check drug prices, understand its affiliate program, and more.
  • 400% Improved Visibility
  • 250% Improved Traffic
  • 400% Increased Online Leads
  • 300% Increased Search Queries
Project Challenges
The client's website had low rankings on leading search engine result pages (SERPs). Having low rankings eventually hampered the website's visibility. To that end, the client wanted a concrete and comprehensive solution that would not only elevate its ranking but also improve its brand credibility online. Some project challenges can be outlined as follows.

  • Boosting the organic rankings of the website
  • Improving the quality of the website traffic
  • Elevating the on-page score of the website
  • Maximizing the number of downloads of its discount card
Strategy & Solution
We started out by executing an end-to-end website audit where we analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the site. Once we got to know about the weaknesses, we began targeting them one by one. The initiatives that we took to target the weaknesses consisted of optimizing the site code and metatags.

Moreover, we suggested to the client that it should create new pages that helped maximize the scope of keyword targeting. By increasing this scope, we also helped rank more keywords and improve the scope of attracting quality traffic. Moreover, we shortened the loading time of the website by focusing on regular code optimization.

On top of that, we even reviewed high-performance search terms. This analysis helped us focus on only those search terms that brought good search volume. We made sure to promote the website on these search terms, which also enabled us to enhance the quality of the traffic.

Once we carried out the changes to the website and were consistent with our SEO efforts, we were able to attract the right quality of traffic. And when we were able to attract traffic that had buying intent, we were able to raise the number of card downloads by 8 percent monthly.

Business Outcomes
By including the search terms with high buying intent into the keyword mix and executing the SEO campaign correctly, we increased brand visibility, improved search queries, and boosted discount-card downloads.
Keyword Few Main Keywords are Shown Ranking Apr-2022
Albuterol Prescription Savings
Benzonatate Saving Card
Albuterol HFA Inhaler Prescription Savings
Albuterol Drug Discount Card
Discount on Albuterol Inhaler
Discount Drug Card Affiliate Programs
Drugs Affiliate Program
Client's Speak
From improving brand credibility to maximizing the number of downloads of the affiliate discount card, our revamped website does it all. Flexsin did amazing SEO work because I could see results, in terms of increased ranking and improved traffic, in as little as four months.
Derek Patel
Tampa, Florida, United States
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