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Client Overview
Sclera Lenses is one of the leading suppliers of all types of contact lenses in the USA. Backed with years of experience and domain expertise, Sclera Lenses offers the latest, popular, fashionable sclera-contact lenses and special-effect contact lenses for Halloween and costume parties. The contact lenses are designed to match the Halloween costumes to induce great visual and scary effects. With Sclera Lenses, users get contact lenses in different colors, styles, and designs at highly competitive prices.
  • 195% Visibility Increase
  • 265% Traffic Improvement
  • 205% Increase in Sales
  • 2176 Keywords in Top 100
Project Challenges
Since the website belonged to a competitive industry of lenses, it was a challenge for us to beat reputed competitors in the USA. The website was also lacking unique and fresh content, which was affecting its ranking on major search engines such as Google. Here are the key challenges that the client was looking to overcome with the help of a credible SEO service provider.

  • The website visibility on leading search engines was quite low
  • The quantity and quality of the traffic on the website were not good
  • The site received very few leads
  • The product pages on the website were without content
Strategy & Solution
We started the engagement by carrying out a complete website audit. We managed to achieve a good amount of traffic within a couple of months by making different on-page changes to the website. Link building and local business listing were done by our SEO experts to increase the online visibility of this website on various search engine results. On doing detailed site analyses, our team found that there were no product descriptions. The fact that the product pages did not have any relevant information negatively affected site rankings on search engines.

With the help of our team of experienced content developers, we added fresh and interesting product descriptions and relevant content to the website to boost its online traffic. We also created high-quality backlinks to achieve high rankings for various competitive keywords. Through our white-hat SEO strategies, we maximized online exposure on the website and products that increased sales rapidly over a period of a few months. By following result-driven brand reputation management strategies, we established and increased the brand value of Sclera Lenses.

Our team has successfully improved the sales, traffic, and ranking of the e-commerce website. Through our sincere efforts and well-planned SEO strategies, we increased the online visibility of this website. By creating backlinks and making other relevant changes to the structure of the website, we increased the number of visitors to the website within the promised time frame. White-hat SEO strategies followed by our team not only increased the traffic on the website but also enhanced the brand value of the site. We also increased the sales of Sclera contact lenses in the USA.

Business Outcomes
From maximizing the site's visibility to improving its traffic, our SEO campaign helped the client achieve its objectives within the defined period. We also increased sales by over 100% for a specific keyword.
Keyword Few Main Keywords are Shown Ranking Jan-2017
Black Contacts Full Eye
Rinnegan Contacts
Vampire Contact Lenses
Glow Contact Lenses
Black Sclera Contacts
Black Sclera Eye Contacts
Terminator Contact Lenses
White Sclera Contacts
Mini Sclera Contacts
Red Sclera Contact Lenses
Client's Speak
Based on our long term cooperation I can say we have a good result and hope we will continue with the work.
Petr Pacholik
CEO - Sclera Lenses - Prague, Czech Republic
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