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Client Overview
Based in Canada, the client brings a wide array of clothing items for kids and women. This array features maternity leggings, tuques, beanies, jumpsuits, scrunches, and more. The best part is that most of its clothing items are crafted from ecological materials. That way, the client is big on the idea of sustainability as well. Moreover, the client has a staunch commitment to offering premium clothing items on time, every time. Owing to that fact, the client has earned repeat business and has grown from strength to strength.
  • 25% Monthly Conversions Up By
  • 23% Reduced CPA By
  • 27% Conversion Rate Up By
  • 17X Return On Ad-Spend Up By
Project Challenges
Initially, the client followed a DIY approach and set up its campaigns all by itself. However, that did not deliver improved outcomes. Instead, the whole DIY thing with PPC campaigns backfired to the extent that it considerably increased the CPA value. As the client did not have expertise in managing campaigns on Google Ads, it wanted to onboard our paid marketing specialists. Here are some of the challenges that the client faced at the start of the engagement.

  • Set up the paid campaigns inappropriately
  • Overlooked the importance of optimizing key conversion actions
  • Decreased sales volumes because it did not follow PPC campaign management best practices
  • Increased the CPA value at a tremendous rate because the campaigns were set up improperly
Strategy & Solution
The client brought our PPC experts on board. Our team of PPC specialists studied the existing campaigns and decided to get started with optimizing them. However, we created new campaigns to improve the outcomes of paid management initiatives taken by us on behalf of the client. We started doing extensive keyword research, which was followed by building ads and setting up campaigns.

We followed campaign management best practices for Google Ads to make sure we were leaving no stone unturned. As a result, we achieved an increment in conversions and a sizeable decrease in the CPA. Overall, we even improved the performance of the client's ad account to ensure long-term profitability.

Last but not least, continually optimizing the ad campaigns helped us considerably reduce the client's advertising cost of sale, too. With continual efforts to optimize the existing campaigns and using well-targeted PPC advertising strategies, we propelled the conversion rate to the next level.

Business Outcomes
Our in-depth expertise in understanding paid marketing helped us optimize all the existing ad campaigns of the client. Continuous optimization helped us bring down the ad cost for the client at a steady pace.

  • The quality score increased by 12%
  • The impressions grew by 120%
  • The CTR value went up by 7%
  • The number of keywords ranked in the top 5 was 18

Client's Speak
I am very satisfied with the kind of work Flexsin's PPC team has done on my campaigns. Every ad campaign produces measurable results. I am happy!
Gontran Goutier
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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