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Client Overview
A leader in delivering flowers, gifts, and cakes, Flora2000 serves customers worldwide. The client has a team of flower arrangement experts who design floral gifts that are loved by everyone. Besides, the client focuses on packaging the floral gifts properly so that they remain fresh and beautiful for a long time. Moreover, the online flower shop has a strong client servicing team that is available to answer the questions of customers 24/7.
  • 650 Monthly Conversions
  • 7% Conversion Rate
  • $13 Cost Per Acquisition
  • 7X Return On Ad Spend ($)
Project Challenges
The client was not liking the way leads were trickling in. Basically, the client was looking for a solid road map for receiving more high-quality leads online; the client basically wanted those leads that could be converted into shoppers easily. That way, the client looked to improve its revenue by leaps and bounds. That is why the client wanted to try paid ads. However, the client's business team was not well-versed in the way online paid marketing worked. Owing to this reason, the client was looking forward to collaborating with a paid marketing specialist. Some key challenges that the client had in mind during the start of the engagement are listed below.

  • 1. Overcoming the fierce competition that the online flower shop businesses faced
  • 2. Improving the quality of leads that were ready to make the purchase
  • 3. Boosting the revenue through running different paid ad campaigns
Strategy & Solution
Before this engagement, we were already responsible for helping the client build its brand presence through social media optimization and search engine optimization. That is why it was only natural for the client to approach us when it wanted to try out paid marketing and boost the number of leads it received online. However, the client was not so sure how paid marketing worked. Ergo, it brought our team of paid marketers on board.

After detailed rounds of discussions with our PPC team, the client finally decided to award this project to us. The client was already happy with the ongoing engagements, so it had faith in our digital marketing capabilities. We started the project by doing detailed research and analyses. We started out by doing competitor analyses to understand the kind of strategies, landing pages, etc., the competitors used to draw more leads online. Afterward, we did keyword research to come up with a set of competitive but less costly keywords.

Following these efforts, we created ads and even built a freshly targeted campaign. On top of that, we regularly monitored the search terms report. That is how we discovered new keywords that were more likely to deliver a better ROI than others. Besides, analyzing the search term report even helped us eliminate bad keywords from the lot.

Based on different analyses, we reoptimized the PPC campaign and set fresh bids. By following the winning formula of continuous monitoring, we made a campaign that was drawing quality leads to the client's website. Besides, we even shared with the client weekly optimization plans along with fresh analyses and insights. Eventually, we were able to minimize the CPA value, all the while increasing the sales and revenue for the client.

Business Outcomes
Our paid marketing efforts included creating a well-targeted campaign and monitoring search term reports to include less costly but competitive keywords into the mix. This way, we increased the ad revenue.

  • Quality score was increased by 30%
  • The CPA has decreased by 42%
  • The sessions were increased by 100%
  • The number of keywords ranked in the top 3 was 11

Client's Speak
We are so happy with Flexsin's PPC team. It has done a fab job, and we will happily recommend this team to anyone who is looking to grow their business online through paid marketing.
Rehan Yar Khan
Founder / CEO - - Ajman, United Arab Emirates
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