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Power events digitally with the right tactics that easily accelerate traffic on different media
channels and seamlessly optimize the brand presence on the web.
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Unlock true social media potential and transform e-marketing to promote events in the digital world. Leverage targeted integrated digital marketing strategies to improve event presence.
The best strategies and the correct digital planning expertise empower any event on the web. Starting from developing a solid approach to performing an effortless execution, we create a memorable digital experience for events. We reimagine different digital media environments so that events become a big hit in the virtual and real worlds.
  • Strategic Planning

    Strategize to create the right message to reach the right audience at the right time. We assist enterprises to develop corporate messaging and strategies.
  • Branding and Awareness

    Bring the expertise and experience to transform a brand into a unified identity system that sets a business apart from its competition.
  • Lead Generation

    Strategies and tactics that generate leads by building a better sales funnel and by optimizing every digital campaign to the core.
  • User Engagement

    Play on the strengths of different social media platforms to seamlessly improve user interaction and boost the event's reach every time.
Our Event Marketing and Promotion Includes
Online marketing is dynamic so should be an event's promotional campaign. So we offer integrated event marketing and promotion services that include:
    • Posting event details and news on social media outlets
    • Creating events on Eventbrite
    • Promoting events on leading paid channels
    • Submitting PRs to create a buzz about an event on the web
    • Marketing events on organic channels
    • Creating interactive displays for events on social media platforms
    • Doing email marketing and blogging for events
    • Developing online ads and web banners
    • Performing paid digital media advertising
    • Building marketing collateral using graphic designing expertise

Advantage Working with Flexsin

  • 1
    Increase in traffic & High ROI
    Create positive anticipation for any upcoming event that leads to improving traffic on different social media outlets and increasing ROIs.
  • 2
    Industry Range & Expertise
    The rich digital marketing experience and social media expertise empower us to make any event an instant hit from the word go.
  • 3
    Strategic consulting for SEO/SEM campaign
    With our strategic consulting expertise, businesses develop relevant SEO/SEM campaigns to deliver measurable results that go beyond expectations.
  • 4
    Guaranteed search engine ranking
    Organic SEO capabilities enable us to drive any event by putting it on the first page of leading search engines every time.
Facts At A Glance
Flexsin enables enterprises to energize their digital core and navigate the next more confidently and fast and build next-gen innovation capabilities.
  • 10+ Successful Years
  • 350+ Agile Enabled Resources
  • 2500+ Projects Delivered
  • 5+ Global Locations
  • 15+ Countries Covered
  • 85% Repeat & Referrals
  • Processes CMMI Standards
  • DevOps We Deliver Value
  • Engagement Customer First
Peter Edyvean # Director Aussie Digital Pty Ltd

Communicating clearly from the start, Flexsin's expert team inspires confidence throughout the project. Efficiency and quality are hallmarks of their work. Their ability to keep the project moving and their can-do attitude make them a valuable partner. They brought toge ....

Brian Fisher # Founder Qualitas Flash Drives PVT

We have used Flexsin for several years now. We are satisfied with the work and were particularly pleased with the latest work. They made a good suggestion to create an automatic data upload for our pricing database that worked out very well and has saved us a good deal ....

Juerg Suter # CEO Oro Clean Chemie AG

I have been working with Flexsin now for more than 6 year and I am extremely pleased with their performance. I can confidently say that they are my personal favourite. They sent me detailed quotation with project structure and competitive pricing that was great. We felt ....

David Donnelly # Sales Director Digitcom Canada Inc.

Costs, conversions, and cost per conversion have all improved by at least 50%. Flexsin Inc. is dedicated to producing within deadlines, and is always clear in their communication. They skillfully manage a significant time difference and provide professional, smooth proj ....

Regina D. Braggs # CEO Applause Network TV INC.

I searched and searched for a web developer that I could trust to deliver to my expectations and had excellent communications skills so that I could learn more about the technology of my website. Flexsin came along and I am sure the rest will be history. He is masterful ....

Stuart Harris # Director Harris Billings Inc.

Flexsin did a fantastic job for us on the first phase of this project. We score them 5 out of 5 on every element of the job and would recommend them highly. We have already appointed them for the second phase. They are a pleasure to work with. Stuart Harris ....

Glenn Dickstein # CEO Neighborhood Trainers LLC.

I am very pleased to have connected with the team at Flexsin. They have been extremely professional throughout the entire project. Their communication is top notch. They are a full service outfit, they were able to take on a few extra projects for me when my original de ....

Dejan S. Vojnovic # Founder Restsearch Ltd.

Working with Flexsin has been the perfect relationship, costs are always as promised, the work process is always fluid and moving forward. Flexsin has continued to satisfy our every request, you can't ask for more in a relationship for website design, feel free to conta ....

Erik Fleming # CEO Diverse Optics Inc.

The Flexsin team did an excellent job revamping our SEO unfriendly website into a modern more user friendly site that will achieve our SEO goals. Their addition of wordpress to our site will make it simple for us to manage content without having to be an html pro. Thank ....

Stephan Stoeber # CEO Formel Fun AG

We run a multilingual site, the task for Flexsin was not the easiest, but they took that hurdle with ease. We had an excellent exchange and the people from Flexsin really talked our language. The project was finished to our complete satisfaction in no time. We will cert ....

Brian Lightner # Manager Another World Enterprises

Flexsin Studio has gone above and beyond the call of duty on this one. Flexsin would stay late just to work on our project. They were always there to answer my questions, and if the representative was unsure of the answer, he was quick to find the right person with the ....

Jaime Farres Rocabert # COO 21 BUTTONS APP, SL

I have worked with Flexsin in the development of an iOS App. It has been a pleasure to work with Naveen and his team. They committed to delivering the best possible in a very limited time and budget constrained project. They are a very good supplier with very close con ....

Elaine Gold # Director Aspory Ltd.

Very pleased with our working relationship on this project. Particularly valued the input of new ideas and suggestions for improvement. Not being a technical person, it was helpful to have someone on my team to liaise day to day with the Flexsin team. They worked with u ....

Rodney Cruce # Founder Top Gun Restoration PVT

The company had very good communication skills and adhered to their original estimate of the project even though their original estimate was not aligned with the project scope. Their employees were professional and very responsive throughout the project. The major downf ....

Robert Sheinbein # Founder EZD Consulting Inc

This company was great Even though I delayed getting them the information they needed they kept on me to get it and in a polite way. They have done and are doing a great job. Flexsin not only has depth of talent and expertise, but also take initiatives for project owner ....

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