Zoho CRM Configuration Enables Workflow Automation And Increases Lead Management Returns For An Industrial Export Firm

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Client Overview
An industrial export company in Saudi Arabia wanted to automate its business processes starting from getting the first inquiry and continuing through final payment and delivery. Founded in 1990, the client offers comprehensive solutions that enable businesses in the MENA region to transform their supply chains and improve the quality of their trade solutions. We associated with the client to enable digital transformation with workflow automation designed using Zoho CRM. We configured, customized, and implemented Zoho CRM for the client so that it manages lead effectively and embraces automation confidently.
Business Needs
With an aim to transform its business products that improve supply chains, trading finance, and IT outcomes, the client wanted to go digital. As part of its business transformation strategy, the client was looking forward to redefining the way of receiving leads, nurturing them, making sales, following up with customers, and accelerating solution delivery. Here are some of the business needs the client wanted to fulfill with the help of a new end-to-end digital solution.

  • Revamping the process of attracting leads
  • Refining lead-nurturing so that every lead can become a contact
  • Introducing email automation to improve follow-up outcomes
  • Transforming how the client's sales team functioned
  • Redefining the procurement steps to speed up the time to market
Strategy & Solution
We carried out detailed analyses in phases to understand the client's existing lead-gen efforts and to get an idea of the present conversion rate. Based on these in-depth analyses, we decided on implementing workflow automation processes to improve lead-gen outcomes and maximize the conversion rate. In order to create digitized versions of different offline processes followed at the client's firm, we used Zoho CRM's Blueprint capabilities. After closely analyzing the client's business requirements, we finalized Zoho CRM solution.

Owing to its flexibility and a wide array of features, we used Zoho to help the client drive business transformation. We started using Zoho Flow to design and deploy workflow automation at the core of the business. Our team designed a responsive lead-capture form using Zoho Forms. Our team customized the CRM solution to auto-update the lead's details once a form was filled.

These forms are proven to attract leads for diverse businesses. So, we became the obvious choice in designing this form using Zoho and then deploying it as a dynamic link. We made sure to transfer the data related to leads from forms to the CRM dashboard through an automated process. Additionally, we customized the Zoho CRM system to allow the sales team to manually feed leads into it. That is how we created a single source of truth for all leads in the Zoho CRM dashboard.


Our team worked alongside designers to make sure the Zoho CRM dashboard's look and feel reflected the client's brand. Our Zoho CRM experts customized the dashboard to reflect the client's preferences in terms of functionality and style. Some of the highlights of the front-end work we did on the project are mentioned below.

  • Created a well-organized, intuitive, responsive administrator panel and other CRM templates to give a complete view of all the leads and business processes
  • Developed a lead-capture form using Zoho Forms--the CRM solution's built-in form builder
  • Ensured the form was quick to load and responsive on different devices


The client followed a siloed approach for managing its processes related to offering solutions for trading, IT, financing, and supply chain. To consolidate these siloed processes, the client sought the help of our Zoho experts as Zoho CRM was the preferred business solution. Our Zoho experts designed business workflows using Zoho Flow connecting different business applications the client used and unifying processes.

  • Embedded the lead-capture from designed by us on the client's website
  • Used Zoho CRM's Blueprint capabilities to create the following processes:

    • Once the lead state is created the transition goes to 4 states: Qualified, Not Qualified, Missed Attempt 1, and Junk Lead. Not Qualified and Junk Lead are options reserved for scenarios when the lead does nothing.
    • Missed Attempt 1 transition goes to 2 states either Qualified or Missed Attempt 2. If Missed Attempt 2 is activated, then it goes to No Response.
    • If the leads gets Qualified, then the transition will go this state - Waiting for Financial Document.
    • From Waiting for Financial Document, there will be two transition states - Received or Not Received.
    • If the state is received, then it will be moved to Finance User; if not received, then a system-generated follow-up message will be sent to the lead, asking for the documents.
    • From Finance User, there are two transition states: If yes, then Approved Customer and LC Requirement; if not, then Reject Customer and LC Requirement. For both the statuses, an automated email will be sent to the sales person.
    • After the Approved State, the transition will happen to convert the lead to Account and Contact. Then the deal will be created. From this point, there will be two transition states - Details Filled or Details Not Filled. If not filled, then an automated follow-up email will be sent. And if filled, then requirement understanding/segmentation will happen. Accordingly, the records will be assigned to the procurement team and it will check the matching requirement of a suitable supplier.
    • After requirements get matched, an automated process will add a record in SAP Ariba; this record will lead to the New Supplier. From a New Supplier, two transition states will be available - Yes or No. If Yes, then take all financial documents, assign supplier to Finance User/Status and Perform DD. If No, then the automated process of raising an RFQ will be activated.
    • From the status Perform DD, there will be two transition states - a positive supplier DD or a not positive supplier DD. If not, then the supplier's financial documents will get rejected and the reason will be updated. If yes, then move to the Procurement User phase; from there, an RFQ will be raised.
    • After the Final/Best RFQ selected, the supplier will offer on a CRF basis. If yes, then a process for preparing and submitting questions will be activated. The same process will also automatically run a feasibility check and add costs on ex-works and FOB offers.
    • After submitting a quotation, the supplier will need to wait for getting the approval on the quotation. If the supplier's quote is accepted by the client, a process for issuing sales contracts and Pro Forma Invoice will get activated. However, if the quote is rejected, a reason will be captured and updated automatically.

    Our Development Process

    We followed an agile methodology to execute the project at astonishing speed. The decision to go with an agile methodology was simple - we required delivering the project incrementally without hampering on the quality of the deliverables. To that end, we set up different milestones marking the completion of the project. Here are some of the key steps we followed throughout the development process.

    • Initiated the discovery session where we understood the project requirements more clearly
    • Defined the scope of the project and determined the stakeholders who will be involved in the project development life cycle
    • Built forms, set up workflow automation, and tested the deliverables before sending them for the client's review
    • Provided post-deployment support to the client's team to help it understand how the Zoho CRM dashboard works
Business Outcomes
The client automated its workflows easily once we configured and implemented Zoho CRM. As a digital solutions provider, we ensured the client adopted business process automation (BPA) at an incredible scale and speed with no hitch. Here are the benefits the client reaped once the newly built business solution on Zoho CRM was deployed.

  • Attracted more prospects to fill in their details on a well-designed lead-capture form
  • Embraced workflow automation to cut manual tasks and improve the time to market
  • Streamlined the work of the sales team with processes automation related to gathering lead info, managing deals, estimating profit, and measuring returns
Client's Speak
Thanks to Flexsin's Zoho CRM team, we adopted digital transformation at a fast pace. From automating business processes to increasing the returns from our lead gen efforts, Flexsin's Zoho implementation is handling everything flawlessly.
Dr. Sulaiman Al Jedaie
CEO, Saudi Industrial Export Company
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