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Workflow System for a Travel Portal With Customized Features for Customers

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Our client provides travel services for flights, hotels, cars, insurance and other related areas of travel and tourism. They provide flight and travel services in the USA and many other nearby overseas locations including Columbia They wanted to automate features on their application to provide convenience to the users. The client wanted to optimize their workflow so that they can serve the customers in better ways and provide them with delighting functionalities. The client wanted to provide added information to the customers that could help them customize their itineraries and other activities while onboarding through their portal.
  • Time Duration 08 Months
  • Team Effort 06 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted to have dedicated pages and customized functionalities for packages, cruise, insurance, concierge, transportation and things to do. The pages needed to provide detailed information on flights, hotels, destinations, booking status, itineraries, etc. They wanted a panel with filters to allow the users to filter results on multiple criteria such as amount of fare ticket, duration of stay, areas to be seen, cabs, accommodation, etc. The users with no existing account should be able to login as Guest. They also wanted an operator country selector feature and registration form to get the required information about the users.

  • B2C system workflow for tour and travel
  • Real-time information on flights, hotels, cars and insurance
  • Voucher generation and sending
  • Capturing of passenger and payment information
  • Registering using through Facebook or Google account
  • Operator country selector
Strategy & Solution
With the help of extranet, the client was provided with the ability to add their contracted inventory, be it of flight, hotel or cab or any other travel service. Meta search engine was provided to response for the requested search. With the travel API integration, our developers provided customization features to the client's website. The solution was designed to help the client with their customization needs. All the defined elements were coded in the requisite programming language. A well-structured source code for integration of all APIs during the development process was developed.

Frontend The solution was designed to improve business productivity with user-friendly and reliable customer support. Our frontend developers worked with back-end engineers to manage the servers, instances, databases, and storage for the applications to run on. There was focus on the user and customer needs and requirements. Project tracking tools were used to track changes and demonstrate progress.

  • Real-time booking, direct payments and confirmation
  • Use of HTML, CSS and TypeScript
  • Speed, operational efficiency, reliability and security
  • Continuous integration and development

The live environment of the application was deployed on the required server. The backend was designed to reduce operational costs for the client. Custom code was written by the backend developers to help communicate the database information to the browser. Data was stored to ensure that it is displayed to the users when they ask for it. A mix of server, databases, APIs and operating systems was set up to power the front end.

  • API Typescript for rendering logic
  • Managing API resources to work across devices
  • Architecture for easy programming
  • Server-side logic to power the website and apps

Development Process
A well-defined process for website development was followed that included information gathering, designing and other aspects of the development process. The website was properly tested before delivery. The development process included coordination between various teams consisting of programmers with different skills. Client's input were regularly received to ensure that the development process proceeded as per the required functionalities.

  • Angular 7 and Typescript
  • RXJX estate management
  • Custom typography and parallax scrolling
  • Technical web design to represent the brand in better way

Client's Feedback

Flexsin did an excellent job for us. They kept multiple channels of communication open and were appr..

Business Outcomes
We worked on the client's project as per their requirements and expectations. The application was provided with a clean and neat interface for the benefit of customers. All functions and features were thoroughly analysed and tested to ensure that the solution worked perfectly. We ensured that the solution served the needs of the client and was useful for their customers as well. In the end, were able to provide the client with the below benefits:

  • The traffic on the website was increased by 46%
  • The queries from the customers witnessed an improvement by 27%
  • ROI for the client was improved by 34%
  • The solution worked smoothly on various devices due to responsive design
  • Website auditing ensured its good performance on search engine result pages
  • Website was optimized to perform well with issues fixed during technical audit
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