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Student Signal is a tool to conduct surveys in schools, colleges and Institutions to evaluate their on-ongoing and future activities. Students can share their opinion and ideas about the school's infrastructure and activities for objective evaluation, feedback and assessment by the Institute's management. The tool allows an academic institute's management get a feel of what all the students think about the overall infrastructure of the institute and what needs to be done to improve the infrastructure and make the ambience more satisfying for the learners.
  • Time Duration 06 Months
  • Team Effort 06 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted an app wherein students can safely convey their opinion and feelings on sensitive issues on risky behaviour studies, school/college environment and other issues without their identity being revealed. The application users can get the results of surveys in in real-time, along with participation trends using a web-based client dashboard. Students are provided unique survey keys that nobody else knows, so they can participate in surveys with clear anonymity. The client wanted the below to be available in their student survey management system:

  • Honest feedback
  • Anonymous student signals
  • Clear anonymity of participants
  • Tracking change within person
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Gauging student sentiment
The client wanted Institution Admin to have their own Dashboard where the student's feedback can be easily visualized though easy to understand Graphs and Charts. They also wanted easily comprehensible reports for management for further use and reference purposes.

These useful charts and graphs serve as key indicators of the student's perception about the institution, its infrastructure and the learning environment. The student's privacy was to be maintained as the ticket login was anonymous and the student's personal information was not linked to the login credentials.

Front-end Student Signal allows for conducting surveys for the institutions by providing unique ticket to each student. The student logs in to access the questionnaire and selects their choice from the options available.

Our team of developers worked to provide the needed functionality to the application. So we made the database structure in a way so that it can handle multiple data insertion technique with same timestamp but with unique identity of the user. We ensured that the survey was easy to conduct and maintained complete anonymity of the participating students' community for fearless and honest feedbacks.

This way, we were able to develop simple user interface for college and school students without confusing them. The interface was intuitive and elegant, thus encouraging the students and the school administrators to conduct multiple surveys with ease and relevance. Key features of our front-end included:

  • Planning and creation of questionnaire
  • Distribution of key and field surveys
  • Analysis of data and research
  • Wide ranging capability

Backend We worked at the backend that allowed the customers to create questions to get fearless and unbiased feedbacks from their students to improvise their services. A robust web Admin framework was developed that exposed and API through which client applications communicate with the web backend app. The web admin panel was protected with a secured sing up and login system. Here are some key features of the application backend:

  • Secure web admin panel
  • Use of latest survey technology
  • Robust platform for flawless performance
  • App specific programming

Development Process We worked on a real-time student management system with a well-structured source code. We had to deliver completely scalable survey capabilities to the client wherein they could target the entire student body with the use of student specific facilities and even attendance at special events. Client's inputs were taken throughout the development process and modifications implemented in the functionalities as desired. The application was provided capability to check for change across time, to provide analytically powerful insights to focus on areas of improvements. Key features of our app development process included:

  • Custom coding for app development
  • Setting surveys for multiple locations
  • Survey movies with multiple measurements
  • Stand alone survey on specific topic

The application was developed so that the management could get honest feedback from the students for improvement as their identity was kept completely anonymous for unhindered outcomes.

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Flexsin has done fabulous work with their dedication. I recommend Flexsin to everyone. Cheers!! ..
Steve Everett
Principal, The Everett Group, Gambrills, USA
The concept to develop the application was very unique where we had to implement the functionality of big data handling with complicated conditions of the questions, at the same time when large number of users log into the system. We had to ensure that the system's performance is not compromised and survey is completed in an unhindered fashion. More importantly, the survey results needed to be represented in easy to understand graphics to be viewed by the institution's management, faculty and staff.

One of the major challenges was to develop conditional question where there is no limit to create the sub-questions and the most relevant answers associated with it. Our teams looked at this challenging assignment afresh and came out with the solutions that the client was looking. The functionality made it all the more easier for the students and the management to conduct the surveys. Below were the key outcomes for the client:

  • Identification of student perception and trends, reports and analysis
  • Measuring effectiveness of lectures to elevate student experience in the class
  • Randomly distributed, unique access codes to log into to survey by students
  • Real-time results of survey data along with participating trends
  • Wide ranging capabilities across a gamut of school measurement needs
  • On-site feedback from prospective students while impressions are fresh
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