Global eCommerce Platform to Connect Agriculture Buyers and Sellers

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Client Overview
Sproutrade is the first e-commerce platform to connect agriculture buyers and sellers throughout the world. In brief, the platform is a niche e-marketplace to connect farmers, growers and agriculture companies together, internationally and locally – aim to build a global-local agricultural network.
Business Needs
The client wanted to offer a fully functional online platform that helps both businesses and customers that allow them to easily get access to information regarding the market, products and legal regulations, contributing to reducing cost and promoting consumption of agriculture-related products. The platform should

  • Easy registration process
  • Allow user to search for a product
  • Allow sellers to upload their products
  • Help agriculture companies to create an online presence
  • Facilitate contacts between businesses, customers and partners
Strategy & Solution
The web portal has been developed with a scalable interface which allows the agriculture companies access to a global market that was previously inaccessible to small-scale agriculture companies without going through a broker or other middleman. With their translation options, foreign companies can see product information in their language, and other companies can see their postings in English.

Front-end Our dedicated front-end developers and designers build a responsive web design with the unique and feature-rich platform as per the client expectations. The front end of the web portal seamlessly connects the buyers and seller and offers the functionalities as per the set objectives of the client, such as:

  • Information about the Gold members
  • List of featured products and latest offers
  • Interactive UI along with high responsiveness
  • seamless connection between the buyers and seller

Backend Our Microsoft.Net development team using PHP/MySql worked on the project with proper planning, handled the performance issue as the database was exhaustive and optimizing the speed was challenging. To overcome this challenge, we optimized the database by using indexes on the tables where frequent searches were expected. We also used some performance tuning techniques to optimize the performance of the application. At last, we were able to develop the platform that benefits users by offering:

  • Payment gateway integration
  • The search module embedded into the system.
  • Filter the product by the company, by offers etc
  • Users can add the products to their favorite list
  • Separate section to manage property where admin can list all the properties.
  • Connectivity to all the pages from home page only ensuring safe and secure data transfer

Development Process As the Customer approached Flexsin with a clear vision of the solution, the development process was organized in the cost and time-efficient way. The team was involved throughout the software development stage with on-going integration, testing, maintenance, and support

  • Analysis of the client objective and during the system analysis we design the system architecture and database in such a way that it could perform fast execution, on the other hand, it could also perform data integrity and security
  • Using the information gathered from the requirement analysis phase, we put together a plan for the development of web portals like technology, CMS integration, and third-party API integration among others
  • Web designer created one or more prototype designs for the portal. We closely worked with the designer, exchange ideas, until we arrived at the final design for the web portal
  • The challenging points of the development process were discussed collectively and resulted in a variety of approaches to problem resolution, but it was the client who made the final decision on the idea to follow.
Business Outcomes
As a result of our best efforts, we were able to build a highly feature-rich, interactive platform with unique design as per the client expectations. The web portal has all the functionality related to the agricultural products buyers and seller, continued to become more user-friendly and come closer to delivering the perfect user experience. We were able to deal with each of these challenges, delivered the project with all the perfection within the desired time period with the following features:

  • Global market accessibility
  • Accessible to Small-scale agriculture companies
  • No need of middleman or broker for transactions
  • Availability of language translation options
  • Increase global market reach through the power of globalization
  • Subscribe users can get the information about the featured product, buy offers etc.
Client's Speak
Flexsin have engaged in a very complicated development and performed very well, adding value and being a good communicator and developer. Changes were allowed during the project without extra cost. Due to changes the project was delivered later than original planned date, but to be honest this was as much at my request.
Laura Wei
Founder Sproutrade, California, USA
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