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Business benefits of listening to people's thoughts are immense. Look2Social is a social media listening platform that delivers insights into the client's business's social media interactions. The platform's online service help teams quickly and efficiently understand the customers' needs and perceptions of their products and services for easy comparison with that of the competitors and adjust their strategies to match emerging market trends One can get data about direct brand mentions and analyze it to act on the opportunities.

  • Time Duration 08 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
With the idea of building a single platform for social media analysis services, the client was looking for a digital leader. The client wanted to robust platform to analyze its suite of product and services for marketers and companies so that their decisions are insight-driven. The social media listening platform understands and can reach to a business's target audience, engage the community and measure performance with an all-in-one social media management platform built for enhancing social media connections and positive perception of a brand.

A brand can get insights into what the audience is saying about its products and services with Look2Social. They can compare against the competition, identify the top influencers and detractors, and prepare for the upcoming market trends without the need for expensive tools or complex configurations. Look2Social can be used to know:

  • What the customers and prospects are talking about you?
  • What topics are important and who's influencing your audience?
  • Keep track of your brand's social media mentions and conversations
  • How do you measure up and what new market trends are emerging?
Strategy & Solution
We designed a SaaS-based system for integrating multiple social media data providers for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, etc. Look2Social partners with social platforms, forums, and blogs that matter to a business. Azure Cognitive services were used for sentiment analysis while Chargify was used for membership management, invoice and billing management.

Data providers used included DATASIFT, GNIP, and WEBHOSE. The tool was designed to help the client get the needed metrics and understand whether a potential relationship makes sense prior to outreach.

Front-end For front end, we used latest technologies that are used in social medial listening apps, such as Jquery, AngularJS, HTML5 and Highcharts to solve the challenges of rendering a lot of dynamically changing content in the frontend of Look2Social. The frontend was designed to help the client easily get insights of people's engagement with the brand to take corrective action in good time whenever required.

  • API integration facilitated up-to-date information sourcing and seamless data dissemination
  • Informed decision-making for appropriate action in good time.
  • Media streaming solutions with a clear user dashboard.
  • Metrics for easy understanding of social interactions of people with client's brand

Backend MS SQL Server 2014 was used for backend of Look2Social. It was provided with clear admin role management, performance monitoring tools and enhanced statistics about the client's business's social media interactions. We ensured that the backend was robust and had the capabilities to deliver the features client needed for their business in seamless fashion.

  • Community-driven interactions of the client's business on social networks.
  • Admin panel for integrated analysis of the user's behaviors.
  • A high performing and secure application for easy monitoring and maintainability
  • Secure access to the application with advanced security features

Development Process We employed Agile/SCRUM methodology for the development process of the project. The client's inputs were sourced at each phase of the development process as we moved ahead with the project development in a phased manner. This ensured that we moved ahead in the right direction and corrective measures were taken in good time to fix the ongoing issues.

A three-tier architecture consisting of client, backend and database was used. We started with three fundamental features profiles, feeds and connections that are integral for social media listening app

  • Incremental project completion updates after every sprint
  • Application tested on different parameters before submitting to client for review
  • Service quality and reliability was ensured with seamless collaboration with client's in-house team
  • Development process aligned to client's needs and changes incorporated as desired
  • Incorporated business-critical features as per client requirements
  • Timely project completion in a phased manner with the use of latest digital technologies

Client's Feedback

Since the start, Flexsin let us felt that they were listening to us. The team was incredibly respons..
Chris Olson
CEO - The Media Trust, USA
Business Outcomes
An efficient collaboration between Flexsin and the client resulted in a social media listening solution that helped them to listen what the people were talking about their brand in social channels. Our team deployed flexible application development models for not only simplifying but also accelerating the app development process. This resulted in a social medial listening app that helped client approach more relevant people with the right offerings.

  • A viable social media listening solution for the client to gain insights, build affinity and foster customer loyalty.
  • Positive brand mentions improved by 43% while customer's perception improved by 38%
  • Media content exchange solution that can be scaled as per business needs
  • Authentic and safe capturing of brand communication data from social spheres
  • Social capabilities for interfacing customer data with feeds from disparate social channels to transform online conversation into action
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