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Sirius is a collaborative performance management platform. It enables the individual to take control of their own performance and remove the barriers experienced by best practice. Organizations are getting the best from their people and process. Leveraging digital technology is one key component of improving individual and team performance.
  • Time Duration 08 Months
  • Team Effort 06 Persons
Business Needs
The Client was looking for software development professionals for the development of a platform that allows any individual or team to monetize the performance. He wanted to designed and built Sirius portal which help the individual, organization to set and achieve the goals and aspiration which makes them happy and satisfies. This should allow

  • A systematic and ongoing process of communication and collaboration between a supervisor and an employee during a year-long performance management cycles
  • Elegant UI along with easy accessibility anytime, anywhere
  • Setting Goals & Tracking Progress
The full-featured web portal has been crafted using a powerful PHP framework, Zend which allows managing all the things on the single platform. Our designing team put their best efforts to build a highly feature-rich, interactive platform with unique design as per the client expectations.

Front-end Our dedicated front-end developers and designers build an interactive web design with a unique and feature-rich platform as per the client expectations. The front-ends of the web portal allow seamless access to the employees and employers or supervisors. It offers functionalities as per the set objectives of the client, such as:

  • Employee self-review
  • Comment on your success in meeting the relevant Performance Factors for your position.
  • What do you feel were your greatest contributions to the organization during this Performance Review Period
  • A preliminary evaluation by the supervisor where employee as an individual owns his own performance but can call on peers, friends, colleagues, mentors, managers, and leaders to provide with feedback and guidance.
  • Frequent communications and feedback coupled with effective record keeping and performance indicators

Backend Our experienced Zend framework development team worked on the project with proper planning, frame applicable online strategies we were able to develop a robust, simple, fast and easily accessible platform. This has

  • The web portal with an algorithm and each time user update his status, it reviews the progress against the available time left to complete user achievement.
  • Progress is represented by the use of color mapping

Development Process We developed this platform using the AJAX technique. We used an agile software development process during the developmental phase of the project under which requirements and solutions evolved through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their context. We followed the procedure for the development of the web portal:

  • Analysis of the client objective and during the system analysis we design the system architecture and database in such a way that it could perform fast execution
  • Using the information gathered from the requirement analysis phase, we put together a plan for the development of web portal like technology, techniques and CMS integration among others
  • Web designer created one or more prototype designs for the portal. We closely worked with the designer, exchange ideas, until we arrived at the final design for the web portal
  • Our dedicated frontend and backend developers worked on the project using "Collaborative Performance Management Model" complete the functionality of forms or other scripts, as well last testing for last minute compatibility issues

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Great work!!..
Declan Kavanagh
Founder,, Ireland
As a result of our best efforts, we were able to develop a robust and easy to use online platform with unique features for brides/grooms and vendors. We were able to deal with each of these challenges and delivered the project with all the perfection within the desired time period. The platform used best practices relating to talent & performance management and automates those parts of the process which often can be obstacles to implementing best practice of regular and frequent communications and feedback coupled with effective record keeping and performance indicators. The key attributes of the collaborative performance management model (CPMM) are:

  • Employee Performance- Individual takes ownership of their own performance
  • Employee Performance Guide- (manager/coach/leader) provides collaborative guidance and support
  • Employee Performance Community- engaged and provide support, balance and 3600 Feedback
  • SMART2 Goal & KPI Management- codified into the process & system to assure clarity, focus, and precision on targets, measurements, and records of progress anywhere, anytime
  • Performance Collaboration- Using digital conference and collaboration technology cloud-based and App-enabled
  • Compliant automated metrics, dashboard and record keeping- aligned and integrated
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