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Shopify Based e-Commerce Web Portal for Mothers and Kids in Quebec

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Managing a Quebec-based e-commerce store, the client has over a catalog of 300 products for women, teens, and newborn babies. The client prides itself to create all its products in Quebec and deliver it across Canada. The client's e-commerce store is robust enough to manage high-traffic situations while upholding the highest level of user experience.
  • Time Duration 6 Months
  • Team Effort 2 Persons
Business Needs
For improving its store reach, the client embraced digital by planning to set up its e-commerce app to provide products for young moms, men, and newborn babies. The client wanted a user-friendly e-commerce app that could attract massive traffic and get easily discovered by search engines. The business needs can further be broken down into the following points.

  • Building an intuitive UI for impressive cross-device performance
  • Making sure that the app load times are always high at every time
  • Creating fresh ROI streams with the Shopify e-commerce app
  • Delivering a refined shopping experience to customers

Strategy & Solution
For building the digital presence of the shopping outlet, the client teamed up with Flexsin's Shopify development team. The biggest challenge faced by the development team was to come up with a "locate a store" app. This app was supposed to streamline the process of buyers collecting their orders. Eventually, the team came up with an e-commerce shopping outlet that was to be used by the users to buy products, choose a specific location, and then pick a store based on the selected location.

Once the store was selected, the user could set a date and time for collecting the order while making the payment. On the chosen time and date, the user can pick orders from selected stores. Besides having a dedicated locate-the-store functionality, the team even developed a "match me" module where customers could match the products, such as a clothing item, for both men and women.

Front-end The client wanted an intuitive UI for the app so that it can attract and retain even the most digital-savvy consumers. To that end, Flexsin's UI design team worked dedicatedly to design a seamless browsing experience across the app's digital touchpoints. Some highlights of the app's front-end are listed below.

  • Delivering an engaging brand experience through a streamlined interface
  • Making sure that the app's load times are fast and consistent across all devices
  • Bringing a seamless browsing experience that engages users from end to end

Backend The Shopify e-commerce web development team, at Flexsin, made sure that the backend is well connected to come up with the store-locator app. Some of the highlights of the system's backend are given below for quick reference.

  • Incorporating the payment gateway API
  • Implementing the Sezzle-Pay-Later functionality
  • Connecting the app details with a robust database

Development Process Flexsin's development team embraced the most agile methodology for accelerating the development of the Shopify-based e-commerce app. The client and the development team brainstormed and came with the best of designs and deployment strategies to take the app idea from paper to the digital world's leading app marketplaces. Here are the highlights of the development process.
  • Initiated weekly sprint to make sure that the project deliverables were clearly defined
  • Developed a technology roadmap for building the most intuitive Shopify e-commerce app
  • Carried out thorough testing of the app modules to make sure everything was working as intended
  • Created a project pipeline that could easily accommodate any on-the-fly requirements

Client's Feedback

It has been such a great collaboration with Flexsin. The Shopify team knew what it was doing from th..
Gontran Goutier
Business Outcomes
Once the engagement came to a close, the client had a fully functional Shopify e-commerce app that boosted the engagement rate and upped the ROI. Some other noteworthy highlights of the engagement are listed below. These highlights came to the fore once Shopify's e-commerce app was deployed.

  • Post-deployment, the shopping business's conversion rate boosted by 70 percent
  • The bounce rate of the store went down by a whopping 55 percent
  • Implementing Shopify e-commerce web solution resulted in an increase of average session on every page
  • From the user interface to app load times, everything is blazingly fast for enhancing the UX

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