SAP AFS Help A Footwear Leader Consolidate Its International Business Processes And Unlock 30% Sales Growth

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Client Overview
A leading international footwear market leader, the client brings innovative casual footwear to the table for women, men, and children. The client continually innovates with its footwear design keeping in mind the importance of comfort and value. The client's footwear appearance and its comfort levels have successfully taken the fashion world by storm. Since its inception in 2005, the footwear brand has launched up to 250 million pairs of shoes in over 20 countries across the world. Because of its wide customer base, the client's business processes are located across 5 different geographies.

Business Needs
As the footwear industry trends are dynamically changing, the client had to readjust its production line to meet the swift market fluctuations and accelerate digital transformation. That was the only way the client could achieve higher enterprise growth. However, legacy business processes and aging systems were not sufficient to seize new growth opportunities in an already-crowded international footwear market. Since the client worked with multiple legacy systems at different locations, its efficiency suffered. To top it all, the presence of diverse systems across different regions could not contribute to its global growth. The needs of the engagement are encapsulated below.

  • Consolidating siloed business processes
  • Ramping up diverse production cycles
  • Improving enterprise efficiency
  • Optimizing different quality aspects
Strategy & Solution
For meeting its unrealized needs, the client harnessed our SAP expertise. Together, they envisioned deploying SAP AFS for optimizing every aspect of quality including cost and lead times. For bringing together the isolated global processes, the implementation of a strategic SAP digital solution was planned.

We leveraged SAP AFS and related modules to consolidate enterprise-wed decision-making. The new SAP implementation was aimed at streamlining data management and integrating global production processes. The deployment was later engineered to tackle the challenge of reducing redundancies caused by different business processes.

Front-end The SAP AFS has an intuitive front-end that helped the client manage its orders from different production centers worldwide. The key highlights of the front-end work that we did for the client during the engagement are as follows.

  • Deploying an intuitive user interface
  • Improving the navigational structure of the framework
  • Getting crucial insights into the dashboard at a single touch

Backend For building a robust backend, we leveraged the AFS-BW Interface to enable flexible and faster transfer of transactional data. Further, we followed SAP best practices for building a robust ERP ecosystem for the client. Some highlights of our engagement during building a robust backend are as follows.

  • Gained insights into stock availability and procurements with AFS-material requirements planning (AFS-MPR)
  • Used components from mySAP Business Suite including Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)
  • Integrated SAP AFS with Supply Network Planning (SAP SNP) and Core Interface (SAP CIF)

Development Process Before beginning with the project's, we made sure to check with all the stakeholders about the deliverables and timelines. Some other key highlights of the development process are written below.

  • Defining the key deliverables along with their respective timelines
  • Preparing a road map for delivering all the project components
  • Getting client feedback after successful delivery of every component
  • Testing the project for any bugs or errors
  • Delivering post-delivery maintenance programs

Business Outcomes
Choosing Flexsin as its strategic partner to deploy SAP Apparel and Footwear Solution (SAP AFS), the global footwear manufacturer consolidated its geographically diverse business processes with its US headquarters. The engagement resulted in integrating global management information in real time and improving collaboration among different stakeholders in the value chain. Some other highlights of the engagement are mentioned below.

  • Managing demand cycles despite seasonal fluctuations
  • Experiencing 30% of growth in sales through syncing different business processes
  • Reducing annual operating costs by 15% through consolidating geographically diverse business processes
  • Accommodating region-specific business practices and processes by linking stores, logistics, etc.
  • Enhancing enterprise-level visibility into different business units
  • Proactively forecasting and planning finished goods and raw material requirements
  • Optimizing business processes for saving overheads and time
  • Fine-tuning production cycles to boost the efficiency of the supply chain network
  • Freeing up the resources to lift production value both qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Improving real-time visibility of various meaningful metrics across the supply chain
Client's Speak
The quality of deliverables was top-of-the-line and their professional commitment was very strong.

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