Salesforce Sales Cloud Automation Helped A Mentorship Platform Improve Learning Outcomes

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Client Overview
Operating a powerful mentoring platform, the client wanted to automate its business processes using its existing Salesforce org. To help product leaders and engineers learn soft skills, the client has a mentoring platform where leaders connect with professionals and participate in live Q&A sessions, get one-to-one guidance, etc. As a Salesforce partner, we helped the client revamp its Salesforce org (Sales Cloud), enabling it to deliver business process automation (BPA). We automated contract management, redefined opportunity management, and integrated the org with DocuSign and Chargebee to increase process efficiency. Salesforce automation helped the client deliver personalized learning experiences, maximize subscriptions, redesign existing mentorship programs and launch new ones, and improve outcomes.
Business Needs
The client was looking for an automation solution that would reduce the scope of manual processes across the enterprise. To embrace automation, the client was looking to use its existing Salesforce org instead of developing a digital solution from scratch. The client needed a Salesforce partner that would help it realize the following business needs.

  • Introduce automation to cut the amount of manual work using Salesforce
  • Automate building contracts and their approval processes
  • Cut reliance on third-party applications with the help of Salesforce integration
  • Improve decision-making by capitalizing on the Salesforce org
Strategy & Solution
As a Salesforce partner, we helped the client embrace automation by optimizing its existing Sales Cloud implementation. From the discovery session, it was clear that we had to understand the client's CRM setup and how it could help drive BPA. For that, we analyzed the business technology stack the client used. The analysis helped us understand that the client was still using siloed applications for managing workflows along with Salesforce. For instance, the client was using a separate application to get its contracts signed; likewise, it was using a different application for tracking subscription payments. On top of that, these business applications were not integrated with the Salesforce org to improve outcomes.

Once our Salesforce engineers did a complete analysis of the existing business tech landscape, we divided the project life cycle into different milestones. After discussing with the client, the key milestones of the life cycle included:

  • Contract automation
  • Salesforce integration
  • Opportunity management automation
  • Account object customization
  • Salesforce record type and page layout customization
  • Reporting dashboard creation

After the discovery phase, our Salesforce developers customized relevant Objects, workflows, Visualforce pages, and APEX PIs before we implemented automation modules and integrated the org with DocuSign and Chargebee. Here is an overview of the key milestones we achieved throughout the course of the engagement.

Earlier, the client was managing its contract life cycle manually. The life cycle included performing many tasks: contract creation, negotiation and approval, and post-approval support. To streamline all this work, our Salesforce specialists created a cohesive automation solution that influenced the whole spectrum of contract management. Our Salesforce solution helped the client automate contract creation, management, and more.

1. DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce

The client was relying on a legacy and siloed eSignature application, which was decreasing the close rates. Our Salesforce engineers found the ideal solution in DocuSign. We integrated the Salesforce org with DocuSign to help the business create, send, and monitor documents or agreements sent for eSignature seamlessly. Using DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce helped the client send contracts for the stakeholder signature with one click. Moreover, after this integration, the contract got automatically activated upon receiving the signed document.

2. Intergation with Chargebee

In the past, the client relied on a different application for managing its subscriptions. However, our Salesforce team suggested the client use Chargebee. The best part about using Chargebee is its superior, fast, and smooth integration with the Salesforce platform. First, our team configured the client's Chargebee account. Once that was done, our team moved the client's subscription data from the old application to Chargebee. Finally, our Salesforce developers integrated the Chargebee account with the client's Salesforce org. This integration helped the client's sales staff manage its subscriptions and also increase them.

As our Salesforce engineers were helping the client use Chargebee for managing subscriptions, they suggested using the same application for automating opportunity management. We configured the Chargebee account in a way that its subscriptions could interact with opportunities present in the client's Salesforce org. This integration helped the client map the available opportunities automatically with the existing subscriptions. Moreover, this integration helped the client identify the subscriptions of engineers that were nearing their billing cycles so that they could be turned into opportunities again and pursued.

The client wanted to track its learner's journey and mentorship program outcomes effectively. To do that, our team created custom objects in the Salesforce org. Moreover, we customized the Account objects to get actionable insights that would help the client improve its mentoring programs. Our Salesforce engineers used picklists, custom formulas, filters, and other tools for customizing Account objects in the client's org. Our team even customized page layouts and record types so that every platform user gets a differentiated experience that would be the stepping stone to delivering personalized learning.

The client wanted to digitize the manual calculation of the mentorship program's monthly revenue report (MRR) and annual revenue report (ARR). Our Salesforce team suggested the client create standard and custom reports and dashboards. Once deployed, these reports and dashboards helped the client's sales team calculate ARR and MRR for a specific period based on the data without jumping through hoops.

We followed an agile methodology for completing this project. From the initial discovery phase to the final project delivery, we worked closely with the client's team. This collaborative approach helped us accelerate the project's time to market and strengthened the relationship with the client. Here are some of the steps we followed in executing the project.

  • Analyzed the current state of the Salesforce org
  • Documented the process flows and listed the objects to be developed or customized
  • Mapped the existing features to the process flows and identified new features for which new flows would have to be developed
  • Detailed and documented integration requirements, custom objects, VF Pages, fields, flows, and reports
  • Created ARR, MRR, and dashboards once enterprise datasets were consolidated in the org
Business Outcomes
The engagement helped the client achieve its automation ambitions without investing in a new digital solution. Our Salesforce engineers helped upgrade the current org and ensured the client gets more returns from its ERP setup. Here are some of the outcomes the client saw once the updated Salesforce org was implemented.

  • Speeded up the process of securing eSignatures and executing agreements
  • Achieved more accurate and quicker contract turnarounds and accelerated the quote-to-cash process
  • Improved the subscription revenue by integrating Chargebee into the Salesforce org
  • Improved the upsell opportunity and minimized the churn rate by automating opportunity management with Chargebee
  • Showed consolidated net values after closing up-selling opportunities and factoring in the existing churning rate with custom Account objects
  • Enhanced the learning outcomes and designed better mentoring programs with customized Account objects in the Salesforce org
  • Automated and accelerated how MRR and ARR reports were calculated by the client's sales team with custom reports and dashboards
Client's Speak
As a Salesforce partner, Flexsin has automated my sales cycle and improved the outcomes of my mentorship programs. The Salesforce engineers here have expertise in Sales Cloud automation that delivers results. Highly recommended!

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