Salesforce Sales Cloud And Salesforce Service Cloud Automated Processes And Improved Outcomes For A Solar Energy Firm

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Client Overview
A residential solar and energy backup company in the US wanted to create a new Salesforce application to mitigate performance bottlenecks. Since 2007, the client has been serving more than 17,000 homeowners in the country. As a Salesforce partner, we used Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to help the solar energy firm automate order-tracking, accelerate implementation processes, and increase the customer satisfaction rate.
Business Needs
The client faced performance bottlenecks as it operated on legacy frameworks. The existing Salesforce application was bursting at the seams and failed to support complex implementations. The client was looking forward to building its Salesforce application from scratch. It was because the scope of enhancement in the existing application layout was minimal. Here are the key highlights of the business needs:

  • Overcoming Salesforce governance limits that were going through the roof
  • Revamping the Salesforce application from scratch, to meet always-evolving customer demands
  • Adding new features to optimize processes and make them more customer-oriented
  • Automating and customizing workflows to handle production-specific issues in real time
Strategy & Solution
To help American households embrace the solar-energy model better and faster, the client wanted to build an enterprise application on Salesforce. For building such an application, the client wanted to partner with a Salesforce leader. Here is where we stepped in.

Owing to our deep expertise in building, customizing, and automating around Salesforce's vast product portfolio, we emerged as an ideal implementation partner. Our team of Salesforce engineers worked toward rebuilding the business application from the ground up in less than a year. We worked alongside the client's business team to build and iterate on different minimum viable products (MVPs) while catering to UI/UX feedback. We used Service Cloud to help the client handle production-specific issues in real time. Moreover, the client leveraged Sales Cloud to automate key processes. We also attended in multiple workshops with the client's team to come up with a suite of mission-critical features. Later, we integrated these features into Salesforce's built-in Project Management Tool (PMT) to fine-tune and streamline workflows.

Since the Salesforce application was to be redesigned, we decided to embrace a standard page layout for some pages. The standard page layout predefined the positions of buttons, s-controls, and fields. As the client was looking forward to customizing a few of the application pages, we used Lightning components and other Salesforce modules. Here are some highlights of designing the front-end of the Salesforce application.

  • Re-engineered the application to make it more user-friendly
  • Leveraged Aura components to make reusable units of the UI
  • Made app screens more intuitive through our Visualforce expertise
  • Helped end-users receive notifications via SMS and emails

Along with customizing the enterprise-class application, the client wanted to automate backflows and process builders. For this, we followed multiple declarative and non-declarative approaches. We executed custom application programming interface (API) integrations with the client's backend system. We helped integrate multiple features that empowered the client to reap Salesforce's PMT capabilities that are freshly rolled out. Some key highlights of the project's backend are mentioned below.

  • Wrote Apex codes to automate processes
  • Customized SQL queries to regulate how data is managed
  • Integrated the application with DocuSign, TaskRay, and SiteCapture
  • Automated the process of sending notifications to consumers in real time

Development Process:
We participated in multiple workshops weekly to gain a deep understanding of the client's customers, staff, their challenges, business requirements, and its journey at large. We also interviewed key project stakeholders from the client to figure out why they wanted the new Salesforce application. Based on our weekly workshops and regular sprint meetings, we gave the client detailed suggestions on how we planned to build the new enterprise application. We even gave the client a detailed overview of how the Salesforce application will help the client embrace automation to improve its CRM initiatives. Here are a few highlights of the development process.

  • Initiated weekly workshops and periodic sprint meetings to understand the project's scope.
  • Planned and executed multiple sessions to get a greater degree of visibility in the client's prevailing CRM processes.
  • Gained deeper insights into the client's sales pipelines and gave detailed suggestions on tweaking the sales process to maximize revenue opportunities
  • Built MVPs to put the production process on the fast track to successful completion

Business Outcomes
The newly launched application powered by Salesforce's Service Cloud and Sales Cloud was a big hit among the consumers who wanted to unlock the power of solar energy. The launch of the Salesforce application helped the client track solar panel implementation more effectively and transparently. The business outcomes, in turn, enabled the client to strengthen its business model and serve consumers better, faster, and more efficiently. Some of the key highlights delivered once the application went live were:

  • Automated business flows to expedite multiple processes related to order-tracking and project completion
  • Notified the consumers through emails and SMS about the implementation's progress in real time
  • Boosted the client satisfaction rate by 65 percent once the application was launched
  • Received businesses referrals owing to the high client satisfaction rate
  • Deployed a new process for helping consumers check their referral commissions in real time.
Client's Speak
I'm happy with the way Flexsin breathed new life into my vision and enabled me to leverage Salesforce Clouds to power the growth and efficiency of my solar energy business.
Jeremy Kauth
Product Owner, USA
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