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MSS Recruitment, HR Solution Company that is part of the MSS Group provides specialist recruitment and outsourcing solutions in Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl Delta Region. They are committed to building partnerships that make a real impact on the bottom line profit and growth, as well as help to drive the business forward.
  • Time Duration 08 Months
  • Team Effort 06 Persons
Business Needs
Seeking to support and offer recruitment solution, our client turned to Flexsin for the design and development of a user-friendly, responsive web portal for employers and candidates, which offers

  • Hassle free recruitment process
  • UI along with high responsiveness
  • Recruitment services for employers
  • End-to-end permanent recruitment solutions
The web portal has been crafted to offer a seamless user experience and scalability to expand in the future. It allows managing all the things on the platform. The designing team put their best efforts to build a highly feature-rich, interactive platform with unique design as per the client expectations.

Front-end Our dedicated front-end developers and designers build a responsive web design with unique highly and the feature-rich front end of the web portal which seamlessly connects the candidates and employers. It offers functionalities for the employers as well as for candidates, as per the set objectives of the client, such as:

  • Contact Us form
  • An easy and fast registration process
  • Well-established VISA-services
  • Flexible recruitment process
  • Training courses on understanding & applying the Macau Labour Law

Backend Our experienced open source development team worked on the project with proper planning, frame applicable online strategies developed a robust, fast and easily accessible platform which allows:

  • Fast data storage
  • Highly efficient search
  • Easy to manage user management facility

Development Process As the Customer approached Flexsin with a clear vision of the solution, the development process was organized in the cost and time-efficient way. The team was involved throughout the software development stage with on-going integration, testing, maintenance, and support. We used Agile development process during the developmental phase of the project under which requirements and solutions evolved through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their context. We follow the procedure for the development of the web portal

  • Analysis of the client objective and
  • Using the information gathered from the requirement analysis phase, we put together a plan for the development of web portal like technology, CMS integration, payment gateways etc
  • Web designer created one or more prototype designs for the portal. We closely work with a designer, exchange ideas, until we arrived at the final design for the web portal
  • Our dedicated front-end and backend developers complete the functionality of forms or other scripts, as well last testing for last minute compatibility issues

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Excellent work turned around in an extremely timely and efficient manner...
Jiji Tu
Owner at MSS Recruitment , China
As a result of our best efforts, the platform continued to become more user-friendly and come closer to delivering the perfect user experience. We were able to deal with each of these challenges and delivered the project with all the perfection within the desired time period. The platform is controlled by a highly organized administrator panel and offer:

  • High performance and speed
  • Efficiency in managing data
  • The efficient candidate search facility
  • Exact design as provided by the client
  • Easily accessibility and good value for money
  • The quality and delivery of services, a great deal better
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