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Custom print and data loaded flash USB drives for an ecommerce portal

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Qualitas specializes in providing the very best custom printed and data loaded USB flash drives. The e-commerce portal wanted to sell flash drives where users were to be provided with the option of customization of products on the basis of color, quantity, capacity, artwork and other parameters. The client wanted to build the right memory for their applications and within the budgetary constraints for promotional give-away as well as boot-able data critical drive
  • Time Duration 3 Months
  • Team Effort 2 Persons
Business Needs
The wanted the drives for branding and marketing also of their superior quality flash drives, custom-made inside and out to their specific design and data needs.

After completing the product customization, the users were to be able to download their customized product as PDF for further reference. The portal was to provide a responsive user interface where one can see various products listed for customization. The users were to be provided access to their orders through login and updated status in the dashboard. The client wanted following functionalities in their application

  • USB flash drives with custom designs
  • USB drives for various memory capacities and sizes
  • Choice of colors, capacity and quantity
  • Customization and selection choices for the users
  • Items for promotional give aways
Strategy & Solution
We focused the design on the user interface, and keeping in mind scalability and the addition of future modules. A dedicated team was deployed to provide timely reporting by an account manager, project manager, senior designer, HTML developer, senior developer, a business analyst and a testing engineer.

Frontend We successfully implemented the functionality for customizer tool which turned out to be very useful for the users s they can eventually upload the artwork and customize the flash drives as per their own requirement.

  • User friendly interface with easy of navigation
  • Choices of USBs with customization features
  • Plenty of choices to make from
  • Easy ordering and check out

Backend It was really exciting working with the client on their need for customized flash drives with beautiful artwork. The robust software provides the E-Commerce platform users the capability to customize their flash drives.

  • Robust backend for smooth running of the website
  • Backup to ensure that no data is lost
  • Secure access to backend functionalities by authorized users
  • Seamless communication between backend and frontend interfaces

The challenge faced by our technical team for the development of this website was to customize WooCommerce for artwork where users can upload their logo on the flash drive and customize as per their own requirement. We developed an intuitive and user friendly system which allows navigation to all areas of the website for easy access. Managing Product listing & Categories with such a huge database was quite a challenging task.

  • Use of agile development process
  • Work progress as per the set milestones
  • Development to ensure that client requirements are fulfilled
  • Debugging and testing for smooth performance of the application
  • Dedicated team with the needed expertise and tools

The website was developed on PHP/ MY SQL Platform. We choose WordPress as an open source CMS for this project. In order to execute the project on timely basis, we assigned a dedicated team on it. Once we did the complete development, we had to deploy all the codes and files to server.

Client's Feedback

Flexsin keeps doing what comes naturally to them. They have an excellent team to work with, and the ..
Owner: Qualitasflashdrives, San Francisco, San Francisco, USA
Business Outcomes
The team was consistently monitored by the Project Manager to launch the website within the deadline. We used PHP, CMS, Payment Gateway, Html, Ajax, and Javascript for developing its functionalities.

  • Developed a system where users can customise their order before proceeding to checkout process
  • Debugging and testing for smooth performance of the application
  • Debugging and testing for smooth performance of the application
  • Users could create their own artwork to be printed on the Flashdrive
  • Calculation based on the extend of customising the order.
  • Customized products serve as a good gifting option for the users
  • An increase in the sales of customized products by 37%
  • The client was able to improve their sales by 45%
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