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Klickstart is an online marketplace for loans, connecting willing borrowers and investors with each other. They offer an efficient, transparent and simple platform that allows borrowers and investors to transact on mutually acceptable terms.
  • Time Duration 09 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
The Client was looking for software development professionals for the design and development of a highly responsive web portal for borrowers and investors, which radically transform the way lending and borrowing, is carried out in India, with following features:

  • User- friendly, Interactive UI
  • Assurance of the quality of services
  • The seamless connection where the borrowers and investors providers can easily communicate
  • An efficient, transparent and customer-friendly medium that offers borrowers low-interest rates and investors better returns
The web portal has been crafted to offer a seamless user experience and allows managing all the things on the single platform. The designing team put their best efforts to build a highly feature-rich, interactive platform with unique design as per the client expectations.

Front-end Our dedicated front-end developers and designers build a responsive web design with unique highly and feature-rich platform as per the client expectations. The front- end of the web portal has different sections for Investors/Borrowers, EMI calculator, reporting with stats, type of loans and eligibility. It offers functionalities as per the set objectives of the client, such as:

  • The easy and fast registration process
  • Seamlessly connection between the borrowers and investors
  • Registered users can be the part of the peer-to-peer money lending system.
  • The borrower, as well as Investor, can post their application and make offers.

Backend Our experienced .NET development team worked on the project with proper planning, frame applicable online strategies developed a robust, fast and easily accessible platform with the following features:

  • EMI Calculator to ensure producing right output for the borrower
  • Mechanism of background check and verification of borrower's and investor's profiles

Development Process As the customer approached Flexsin with a clear vision of the solution, the development process was organized in the cost and time-efficient way. The team was involved throughout the software development stage with on-going integration, testing, maintenance, and support

  • During the system analysis phase we design the system architecture and database in such a way that it could perform fast execution, on the other hand, it could also perform data integrity and security
  • Using the information gathered from the requirement analysis phase, we put together a plan for the development of web portal like technology, CMS integration, third-party API integration, modification and migration of the data among others
  • Web designer created one or more prototype designs for the portal. We closely work with the designer, exchange ideas, until we arrived at the final design for the web portal
  • Our development team uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern to implement a user interface that separates an application into three main logical components: the model, the view, and the controller.
  • The challenging points of the development process were discussed collectively and resulted in a variety of approaches to problem resolution
  • Our dedicated front-end and backend developers complete the functionality of forms or scripts as well as testing for last minute compatibility issues

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Team Flexsin is highly sportive and technical. When it comes to communication from the start to end ..
Gaurav Mittal
Founder - Klickstart, New Delhi, India
As a result of our best efforts, the platform continued to become more user-friendly and come closer to delivering the perfect user experience. We were able to deal with each of these challenges and delivered the project with all the perfection within the desired time period. The platform is controlled by a highly organized administrator panel and offer:

  • Easy accessibility and good value for money
  • The quality and delivery of care, a great deal better
  • Within few months of the web portal launch, huge traffic was recorded as; 43 Investors, 247 Borrowers, 19.09% Average Interest Rate Per Annum, 10,12,50,000 Investment Amount Offered, 34,48,95,000 Loan Amount Requested.
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