Odoo CRM Implementation For A Renowned Recovery Law Firm To Manage And Covert Leads Into Clients

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Client Overview
A prominent law firm wanted to serve its customers and prospects effectively. The client is committed to helping people and companies navigate challenging legal environments. With an aim to improve customer relations and modernize their processes, the client wanted to use a cutting-edge customer relationship management (CRM) system specifically suited to its requirements. As a reliable technology partner, we created a well-planned strategy to customize and implement an Odoo CRM solution for the client. With its deployment, the CRM helped the client streamline lead management and transform potential leads into valued clients.

Business Needs
As the client was struggling with legacy CRM modules, it wanted to transform the way it dealt with clients. Our client was facing challenges in managing documentation, streamlining lead generation, and other aspects related to CRM. To resolve these issues, the client was looking for a trusted technology partner. Following are the lists of obstacles the client faced before consulting us:

Streamlining The Lead Generation Process

It was difficult to come up with an effective lead generation strategy that would guarantee a constant flow of potential customers. In order to efficiently track and handle prospects, the client needed to develop a system that not only attracted leads but also smoothly linked with its CRM tool.

Building A CRM Tool For In-House Team

Aligning software development efforts with the unique requirements and procedures of the business was a difficulty while creating an all-inclusive CRM application internally. A customized solution and in-depth knowledge of the client's business procedures were needed for this.

Using the Tool To Manage Client Details

Making the switch to the new CRM platform to manage and arrange voluminous client data was not without its hurdles. Careful preparation and data migration were required to guarantee that all the required information was precisely and securely stored, as well as available to the team.

Automating Client Payments And Setting Up Recurring Payments

It was essential for the client and its customers that a robust CRM ecosystem be implemented that is equipped with an automated payment system - including recurring payments. It was a difficult task to make sure the tool could handle financial transactions and related paperwork with ease while upholding security and compliance requirements.

Managing Documentation

Document management became a major issue with the client's existing CRM system. The client required an organized method for filing, retrieving, and updating several types of customers and case- and transaction-related documents. A solution that simplified document management while preserving data security and integrity was required for this problem.

Strategy & Solution
Our team of experts offered a comprehensive solution to the client, built on the Odoo community edition. This solution aimed to solve the difficulties encountered in optimizing the business's lead generation and client management procedures. The project also involved many stages, including project analyses, designing, scripting, project management, and development procedures. The details of these tactics and the remarkable outcomes that our team created for our client are below:

Project Analysis

This project was started by our team of Odoo experts by initiating a comprehensive discovery phase. This required getting a thorough grasp of the goals, difficulties, and business procedures of the client. The team was able to match the client's unique requirements and goals with the suggested solution by carrying out a thorough project analysis.

Project Designing

This project moved on to the designing phase after the discovery phase. The Odoo CRM toll's pages were created by the team using HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, and JavaScript. During the design process, the user interface was made to be visually appealing, intuitive, and aligned with the client's needs and branding.


The project moved into the scripting stage as soon as the design phase was finished and the client gave the go-ahead. This entailed actually creating the CRM tool with the selected technology. The goal of the scripting stage was to convert the idea into a useful, intuitive application.

Project Management

With the Zira tool, our team implemented an agile project management methodology. The team also organized the project with great care, generating a backlog of activities and scheduling sprints every two weeks. Over the course of the project, this agile technique enabled flexibility and ongoing client collaboration.

Development Process

Our team adopted an organized development method to preserve openness and keep the client involved. Additionally, the team discussed progress every Monday and gave the client access to weekly plans. Our Odoo development team and project coordinators also kept an eye on the installation by midweek and quickly responded to requests for changes. The customer obtained a thorough report at the conclusion of each work week that included information on all tasks - deployed, held, and ongoing -as well as the next week's to-do list.

Business Outcomes
We helped the client overcome the obstacles posed by lead generation, client administration, payment automation, documentation, and case registration with the help of a carefully implemented Odoo CRM project. The positive outcomes of the project are highlighted by the three distinct main points that follow:

Enhanced Lead Management

The number of high-quality leads increased significantly as a result of the CRM tool's smooth integration and optimized lead creation process. The client now effectively attracts, follows, and develops new customers, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Efficient Payment Automation

The automated payment system, which also includes recurring payments, enhanced financial security and accuracy while reducing human labor. Customers found the payment process easy, and the company's financial efficiency increased.

Improved Documentation And Case Registration

A more ordered and effective workflow was the outcome of the deployed solution's significant improvements to case registration and document management. The team can now effortlessly access and manage paperwork, increasing overall productivity and customer satisfaction. The client can now register its issues on the CRM portal quickly.

Client's Speak
For my law firm, collaborating with the team at Flexsin has changed everything. My lead management has been completely transformed by the custom Odoo CRM solution, which has made conversions effortless.
Bryan Harris & Abid Ali
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