MS Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Cuts Manual Effort by 10% for a Rug Manufacturer

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Client Overview
A rug manufacturing company was struggling with disjointed financial processes, supply chain bottlenecks, high inventory costs, and production inefficiencies. Serving different segments of customers worldwide, the client has emerged as a trusted brand that offers handwoven rugs and carpets. As the client's key technology partner, we performed Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP implementation. The deployment helped the client improve financial processes, optimize its supply chain, enhance product pricing, and strengthen data security and compliance.

Business Needs
As a global rug manufacturer, the client faced mission-critical challenges, such as multifaceted supply chain operations, inefficient financial management, inaccurate inventory costing, and un-optimized manufacturing processes. The client sought a concrete solution to overcome these challenges and improve business outcomes. To streamline operations, improve efficiency, and unlock sustainable growth in the competitive carpet market, the client wanted to overcome the following challenges.

  • The client worked with disconnected and manual financial processes, which led to delayed financial reporting, spiraled operational costs, and inaccurate data.
  • Supply chain complexities hampered the business's responsiveness to the evolving market demands.
  • Suboptimal manufacturing processes caused inefficient quality control and improper resource utilization.
  • Inaccurate inventory costing led to ineffective pricing decisions and lack of cost control.
Strategy & Solution
To address its multiple business challenges, the client was looking for a technology partner. After carefully reviewing several business proposals, the client decided to move ahead with us because of our deep expertise in ERP implementation. We analyzed the client's requirements in detail and suggested deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. Our decision was based on our successful track record of deploying MS Dynamics 365 Business Central for small and medium enterprises (SMEs.)

Being a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we knew MS D365 Business Central modules inside out and identified the ones that would help the client streamline its business. Moreover, we followed a structured methodology for Business Central implementation; that is how we planned to help the client overcome its unique challenges systematically. We used the right Business Central modules to tailor the client's ERP solution, which resolved existing roadblocks and set the client's business up for future success.

Financial Management:

We used D365 Business Central's Financial Management module to help the client improve its financial processes. Deploying this module helped the client automate its core financial processes, such as reporting, budgeting, and accounting. Additionally, the module provided real-time insights into the client's financial datasets, thereby ensuring their efficiency and accuracy.

Supply Chain Optimization:

We leveraged Business Central's Supply Chain Management module to resolve different logistical complexities that the client faced. Using this module helped the client gain real-time visibility into demand forecasting, procurement, and inventory levels. Moreover, this module empowered the client to improve inventory control, minimize carrying costs, maximize customer satisfaction through timely deliveries, reduce lead times, and become market-responsive.


We planned on using the Manufacturing module of Business Central - the top-performing ERP solution for SMEs. Deploying this module helped us support production planning, quality control, and scheduling. This module also helped the client gain real-time and actionable insights into production data, thereby helping it optimize resource allocation, minimize production bottlenecks, and improve product quality. Eventually, improved production efficiency helped the business enhance product quality and reduce manufacturing overheads.

Inventory Costing:

Our team ensured the client achieved accurate inventory costing with the help of Business Central's rock-solid inventory costing methods - weighted average, LIFO, and FIFO. Furthermore, accurate costing helped the client control product pricing effectively, thereby minimizing the risks of profit erosion posed earlier. All in all, inventory costing's precision allowed the client to maximize profitability and build competitive pricing strategies.

Implementation Road Map:

We followed a well-structured road map during Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation. The implementation journey began with assessing the client's existing business processes and discovering pain points for improvements. Depending on our detailed analysis, we tailored Business Central modules; D365 Business Central customization helped us design the modules so that they meet the business's key requirements. We adopted a phased approach to make sure ongoing operations did not face disruptions during the ERP rollout. Moreover, we conducted a series of comprehensive ERP training sessions so that the client's team could transition smoothly. As part of our engagement, we provided integral post-deployment support to make sure the system performed as intended in the long run.

Business Outcomes
The successful deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central enabled business transformation for the client. With the ERP implementation, the client streamlined its business processes and is now ready to sustain its upward growth trajectory in the highly competitive global carpet marketplace. Here are some of the key benefits the client reaped with this engagement.

  • Financial Management: D365 Business Central deployment brought financial management capabilities, which automated the client's key financial processes - budgeting, reporting, and accounting - leading to increased efficiency and accuracy.
  • Supply Chain Management: With the deployment of Business Central, the client improved its supply chain management, thereby leading to real-time visibility into procurement, demand forecasting, and inventory levels.
  • Manufacturing: Dynamics 365 Business Central helped the client support quality control, scheduling, and production planning. Armed with real-time insights into its manufacturing processes, the client optimized its production procedures, improved product quality, and optimized resource allocation.
  • Accurate Costing: With the help of Business Central, the client could perform accurate costing to ensure better and more sustained control over product pricing.
  • High Scalability: In terms of scalability, D365 Business Central helped the client unlock a new level of scalability. Due to this fact, the ERP solution was ready to support the client's future growth seamlessly.
  • Seamless Integration: Implementing Business Central meant the business could integrate the ERP system easily with Microsoft applications and other third-party applications. This way, the ERP solution can foster data sharing and drive collaboration across different business departments.
  • Real-Time Analytics: D365 Business Central helped the client gain real-time analytics and insights, thereby creating a culture of data-driven decision-making across the company.
  • Compliance And Security: As the client served global customers, Business Central implementation helped the client navigate the complex landscape of financial regulations and compliances. This way, the client could protect its sensitive customer data.
  • Maximized ROI: Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation helped the client improve its ROI by realizing cost savings from optimized processes. The solution also helped the client reduce its inventory holding costs. Moreover, the client harnessed the insights from the ERP solution to maximize sales and improve demand management. Last but not least, the client improved its product quality and reduced operational costs by implementing this ERP software.
Client's Speak
I am happy with the way Flexsin has implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central for my company. The team was transparent in its ERP implementation and kept me in the loop throughout this deployment journey. Much recommended!

Jaipur, India
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