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Expertise: Custom Web Development Content & Document Management
Verticals: Public Sector
Technologies: DrupalMysqljQuery
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Based in Latin America, the client delivers legal content that is close, reliable and objective, written by the experienced professionals so that people can consult questions about their company, and family or any legal issue they need. The client has attorneys on the panel for all types of civil and criminal matters who provide their services at highly competitive prices.
  • Time Duration 8 Months
  • Team Effort 2 Persons
Business Needs
To accelerate the process of people consult more about their company, family or any legal issue, the client was looking forward to the designing and development of a platform where not only the lawyers could register their accounts but also the users could directly search for a lawyer, as per their city, area of law, and name. This way, the platform connects the attorneys and clients in a seamless fashion.

With the custom development of this platform, the client also wanted the users to submit and email their query, or send their request to talk to the lawyer, and post their comment/reviews. The client also required a chatting option so that users could see all lawyers when online and chat with them and share their query.

The client approached us with the below key business needs:

  • Building a platform with feature-rich user interface for lawyers and legal advice seekers
  • Coming up with an end-to-end platform, which is responsive for the end-to-end users
  • Enabling the end-user to register account and get best legal advice from the legal experts
  • Empowering the end-user to ask and answer the query through a chat room

Strategy & Solution
To turn the idea of an interactive platform into reality, the client collaborated with Flexsin’s web developers. Flexsin’s development team and the client’s business team figured out the foundational framework on which the platform was to be built. Once the framework was finalized, the development lifecycle kick-started. Leveraging its custom web development skills, the platform was built in a way that the users could easily and quickly consult about their company, their family or any legal issue with zero downtime.

To make the platform function successfully, the development team designed, developed, and deployed a selection of modules across the production and testing cycles. Along with its development team, Flexsin even took advantage of its UI/UX expertise to come up with a blazing fast and interactive web platform.

Front-end Using the skills of Flexsin’s GUI design team, the client succeeded in building an intuitive graphical UX interface. The GUI team intended to strengthen the website’s usability with a fast-to-move-around UI that included no friction points.

  • Allowing users to create and register their accounts fast on the web platform
  • Enabling end to end users to ask and answer queries, post their comments and reviews
  • Empowering the end users to connect with each other and share their legal issue

Backend As the interactive platform was to be responsive from end-to-end, the backend development team had to make multiple changes in every section. With a well-defined implementation roadmap, the team came up with a robust, scalable, and flexible platform that will allow both lawyers and people interact with each other.

  • Building a solid connection between the web portal and database
  • Integrating a full-fledged interactive mechanism
  • Deploying a fully secure plugins and modules

Client's Feedback

Flexsin's web design and development team has strong understanding of website designing and developm..

Business Outcomes
Leveraging the augmented web design and development capabilities of our design and development team, the client got an intuitive, interactive, user-friendly and robust platform. Some of the major highlights of this engagement are:

  • Developing a fully functional and operational platform to enable lawyers and people
  • Integrating chat system to help end users to easily share their issues and solutions
  • Enhancing and augmenting the user interface with minimal load time and other fractions
  • Optimizing the whole website to help with the incredibly fast load times

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