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Memorial Payment Solutions, LLC is a single source platform which provides solutions for at-need funeral payments. The platform is intuitively designed with funeral directors involved in its development. It helps users to get the financial support services for paying the funds to organize the funeral events of their beloved. This platform allows offering financial options to the families who are unable to pay through more traditional methods.
  • Time Duration 08 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
The main objective of the client for developing the application was to create a platform where funeral members and funeral home can easily contact and communicate with each other to resolve the financial concerns.

The application has various sections to showcase the services offered or latest events and training sessions organized by Memorial Payment Solutions. Another part of the application deals with the users who seek financial assistance and consultancy regarding their debts or assignments. The client wanted below features in Memorial Pay:

  • At-need solutions
  • Eliminating cash flow delays of insurance
  • Digital documents
  • Seamless integration with business
  • Qualified insurance assignment claim
  • Integrated credit card solution
Our team continuously researched to make the features compatible as per the desired frameworks and technologies. The client wanted to be the leading provider of insurance assignment funding for funeral homes and members in the USA.

To achieve the client's objective, we employed a dedicated team to provide timely reporting by an account manager, project manager, senior designer, HTML developer, senior developer, testing analyst and a business analyst. An Agile methodology was used for the execution of this project.

Front-end The application was provided an elegant UI with all the needed information related to assignment services, credit, loan and funeral funding available to the members on a single screen. The application allows the family to travel to arrange or go to the funeral. Funeral funding generally covers all the costs of a funeral. The key features of the application's front end included:

  • Lower accounts receivable
  • Eliminating the hassles with insurers
  • Web-based claim process
  • Deal with one company only

Backend The backend was developed that created utility for the frontend. We employed a combination of database and server-side language that could run on web servers and cloud-based servers. We worked on content management system development, deployment and maintenance. We worked to ensure that the backend was a robust platform that could support the features and functions for frontend.

  • Dynamic web administration interface
  • Integrated file manager
  • Enhanced data security
  • Permission for individual users

Development process After analyzing the requirements for the development of the application, we proposed to go with PHP/MYSQL, Drupal Platform. So, we needed to assign a dedicated team for this platform i.e. PHP/MY SQL. The team was consistently monitored by the Project Manager to make the website live as per the client requirement and expectation. Key features of our development process included:

  • Nonfunctional software testing
  • Lifecycle activity
  • Accessibility, clarity and stability of codes
  • Expandability and extensibility

The application was developed keeping the client's requirement in focus so that the funeral funding could be released to the family members or claimants within minutes to fund the funeral costs of their loved one.

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Flexsin's Team is hardworking and conscientious. They are passionate about Technology, Customer Serv..
Eric Castiglia
The major focus while developing this application was on assignment process wherein user can select the insurance company to claim the maturity amount after the death of their family member. We have developed a process through which "Funeral members" can submit the assignment regarding their loan, insurance, FD and mutual funds to claim the maturity amount through PDF write-up forms online e.g.

online passport form submission. After the completion of process, support section generates an auto-ticket to keep the status track.

Flexsin developed a simple and user-friendly application as per the client's expectations and requirements. The end product we delivered we provided various features to clients where they can get the solution for their financial concerns. It was really exciting working with the client. We did our work with full dedication and completed our task within deadline.

The application provided below features to the client:

  • Simple web based interface for smart phone and tablets
  • Funeral funding within minutes with digitalized documentation
  • Insurance assignment program to funding within 24 hours of verification benefits
  • Allowing families to honor loved one with quick access to insurance money
  • Elimination of challenges of working with insurance companies
  • Nationwide fast and easiest administration of insurance assignments
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