Enterprise Application Modernization Enabled A US-Based Logistics Services Company To Improve Business Performance

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Client Overview
An American logistics provider needed to modernize its legacy enterprise portal built on an obsolete version of the ASP.NET framework. Being part of a USD $1,032.93 billion 3PL industry since 1996, the client had to rely on the latest technology to improve its logistical outcomes. As a technology partner, we upgraded the client's enterprise- and customer-facing portals and connected them with Azure Blob to improve data analytics capabilities, reporting, and customer servicing.
Business Needs
The client wanted to modernize its existing Enterprise Portal, which was earlier built on an older version of ASP.NET and MS SQL Server 2000. For embracing next-gen technology, the client wanted to design and develop fresh B2B and B2C portals on the latest framework of .NET along with upgrading SQL Server version to the most recent stable version. The client's key requirements from the portal included:

  • Developing an intuitive and user-friendly system
  • Delivering high-performance speed
  • Giving a complete view of all invoices and shipment details
  • Allowing the display of reports through an end-to-end Reporting System for bringing new reports
Strategy & Solution
The client brought our experienced development team on board for redesigning, redeveloping and deploying a new scalable web system. We built a robust portal for the client with all the necessary carriers where they could log in to the dashboard (B2B and B2C) for viewing their respective invoices. The database will have all the pre-populated invoices data; the client would also be able to populate the data in the dashboard with a few simple clicks.

Our developers had a quality-driven approach and provided a scalable enterprise-class application for simplifying business operations and enhancing user experience. Our designers, developers and QA team dedicatedly worked on the projects while prioritizing client requirements.

Front-end Our developers are proficient in HTML/CSS, which they utilized in creating an impressive web portal layout, which was finally developed using ASP.NET MVC. While keeping the client requirements on top priority, we designed and developed a user-friendly, lightweight enterprise portal with all functionality features. The top features of the portal include:

  • Registration/Login modules
  • Appealing and easy-to-use UI
  • A full-fledged Reporting System using SQL Reporting

Backend Our backend developers worked hand in hand with front-end developers to develop impressive web portals with server-side logic. In other words, throughout the engagement, we have always been focused on creating logic for enhancing the portal functionality and accomplished it by using server-side language. We were also responsible for optimizing the portal's speed and efficiency as well as creating a data storage solution with MS-SQL database. We worked on:-

  • MS-SQL Server for storing data
  • HTML5/JQuery for designing interface
  • ASP.Net Web API, C# for developing Backend API
  • Writing cleaner, faster codes to develop functional web applications
  • Gathering and addressing technical and design requirements

Development Process Our project manager was consistently monitoring and tracking the project, updating the status to the client with demos every week and successfully delivered it. We followed our delivery promises and delivered a high-quality web solution on time and within budget. We followed the Agile Methodology and used the Scrum Framework through AzureDevOps. The team had deeply analyzed user stories and worked on each user story sprint by sprint. During the project, our developers worked on:

  • Emerging technologies for improving portal functionalities
  • Developing new codes and debugging the existing ones
  • Regularly performing UI tests for optimizing portal performance
  • Building reusable codes and libraries for future use
  • Troubleshooting and debugging applications
Business Outcomes
As a result of a proven strategic approach, Flexsin has developed a robust and easy-to-use web portal, which has existing features and some new features. Through this portal, the client simplified and accelerated the way it searched for invoices and shipment details. Our team successfully completed all the tasks as per the client requirements. We were able to deal with each of the engagement challenges within the desired period. We acknowledge the client's professionalism and cooperation with our team until the delivery of the project.

  • Developing user-friendly UI experience
  • Simplifying sign-in processes with all the required functionalities which were missing earlier
  • Deploying a new and easy-to-use Reporting System
  • Syncing client local content with Azure Blob content
  • Enhancing the overall performance and productivity

Client's Speak
The enterprise-wide web portal has helped us transform the delivery of exceptional value to our customers.
George Mains
VP, The FSL Group, Georgia, United States
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