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Our client was belongs to educational industry and provide Learning Management system that proves beneficial for students and trainers. The system allow to download study material, submit tasks and assessments, view grades and next fee due date. Moreover, students can save the assessments and tasks on their desktop/system as well as upload it after completing them for trainer's reviews. The trainers can download uploaded tasks/assessments for offline evaluation and upload them again with updated student's grades.
  • Time Duration 09 Months
  • Team Effort 07 Persons
Business Needs
Our client required a user-friendly e-learning application with attractive interface, advanced functions and easy to use so that the website visitors could access its multiple functionalities with ease. Another important requirement was high performance of the application so that numbers of users can utilize it on same time. They required various features in the application including:-

  • Manage course assignment for the students
  • Implementation of proper validation while assigning the course
  • Website speed optimization
  • Download and upload of tasks and assessments
  • Enable to view grades and next fee due dates
  • Online assessment and evaluation tools
Our developers dedicatedly worked to provide an intuitive interface and navigation to the application that enhances the app or website user's experience. The application was developed while keeping the convenience of users, students and trainers who could access all the relevant search information and communication at a single place by login on the app or the website.

It's an interactive learning management system that contains various set of tools to manage student's data, track their activities and enables to manage assessments and tasks. Our developers faced challenge in optimizing the website speed because it has exhaustive database. So, to overcome this problem, we had created indexes and RDBMS in the database structure that worked well in optimized the website.

Front-end Flexsin had created an app with outstanding interactive front-end features with mobile friendly solution. Our team worked on each and every aspect to provide excellent features that work well in enhancing students and trainer experience. The Front-end of the application contains:-

  • Interactive user-friendly interface
  • Easy registration process
  • Attractive mobile friendly app
  • Intuitive navigation to the application
  • Quick download
  • Present the page with relevant text, images, icons, etc.

Backend Our team was focused on creating an interactive learning application by utilizing improved approach that enables both students and trainers to keep control over their activities in a convenient manner. We utilized advanced technologies to make this application user-friendly as well as beneficial for students, users and trainers in retrieving relevant information, tasks, documents and much more.

  • Utilization of indexes and RDBMS in data structure for website optimization
  • JavaScript for creating interactive interface
  • Tools to upload and download tasks and assessments
  • Simple and intuitively understandable set of functions and features
  • Design integrated productivity tools to accommodate the needs of instructors and students

Development Process During the development process, our team was mainly focused on designing an interactive responsive application that can enhance the online learning experience. Our technical experts deeply work on each and every aspects of E-learning management system to deliver an application with full cycle of educational management functionality. We keep updated our client with all the changes and process report of the project. Finally, the client was happy with our level of support services and quality work. The different steps involved in development process:-

  • Analysis the instructional design process
  • Ask client to understand the prime requirements
  • Work on changing trend in technology
  • Consider pros and cons of each tool and suggest the best option for development
  • Create storyboard for organizing content

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Very professional and spontaneous to all queries. Highly recommended...
Chitsimran Virk
Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
We are glad that this application prove beneficial for students, users and teachers by making online learning system more useful and enhance the future growth. This application facilitate the new improve online learning system over traditional educational methods. With efficient management system it brilliantly work in managing signup/ registration, reports, online course, uploading tasks, assessments etc.

The other key features of e-Learning Management System include:-

  • Arrange eLearning content in one location
  • Easily tracks learner progress and performance
  • Quick and convenient way to access course material, tasks and assessments
  • Online calendars to remind dates and deadlines
  • Task management solutions for students and trainers
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