A Robust And Secure Online Marketplace With Video-Conferencing Capabilities For Consultants In The Service Industry

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Client Overview
Located in the Netherlands, the client required a platform where anyone can find expert assistance online. The client has helped many people get online video assistance for their different needs, including craft, taxes, laws, finance, etc. Being a trusted technology partner, we helped the client create its marketplace for consultants with secure video-conferencing capabilities. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we used the Microsoft technology stack for developing and deploying the online platform. Once built and deployed, the web application helped users get specialized assistance for different needs anytime and enabled consultants to unlock new revenue streams.
Business Needs
The client came up with an idea why not someone should get paid for their skills. They wanted to develop a video conferencing application where service providers from different region across the globe can connect with service seekers in need of consultancy and the experts would be paid for their consultation. The application needed to allow the experts to register their credentials on the application wherefrom they could earn handsomely by offering their services to the people who needed them. The client wanted the below features to be available in the application:

  • Private appointment with experts
  • Expert assistance online from anywhere
  • Knowing experts and their techniques
  • Expert registration for services
  • Round the clock expert help
  • Marketplace for independent certified experts
Strategy & Solution
Our experts developed Knowbles platform which allows a user to search and connect with consultants across the globe by a video call. These consultants can be from different genres that can seek and give consultation to/from other users (experts). Users can view the profile of consultant with the details like consultant name, picture, consultation charges, etc.

Services provided by the consultants would be paid; they will set their charges and get paid once the called meeting is over. User can add their credit card details to make payments to the experts and avail future services of experts from the platform.

Front-end The client required the development of a user friendly application that ensures that the people cab use the application's functionalities in an effective manner. The approach of the developers was systematic that ensured the development in a phased manner. The client wanted some key features to be integrated into the application for its widespread utility and comfort for the end users. So, we worked on the application to provide below features to the client:

  • Listing of experts from various professionals
  • Video calling and conferencing
  • Rating of the expert session
  • Live chat and messaging

Backend The backend was developed to directly serve the frontend services with capabilities to communicate with required resources. An intermediate program was developed to mediate frontend and backend activities of the application. The backend was developed to provide requested service to the frontend in a seamless manner as and when requested. It included a web server that hosted the application to communicate with a database to efficiently locate and deliver data and information. Other features of our backend:

  • Core functional logic and operations
  • High level programming language
  • Data and application integration
  • Testing and debugging for flawless performance

Development Process The application was developed using iterative and agile methodologies keeping the industry's best practices in focus. We put our best programmers on task to develop the application for client keeping their key features and functionalities in mind. All through the development process, the client was approached for their feedback and approval, and suggestions were implemented as and when desired. We ensured the that end product was delivered as per the client's satisfaction.

Key features of our development process include:

  • Web services and API testing
  • Reusable test codes and bug detection
  • Pre definition of specific deliverables
  • Incremental development to reduce project risk

We ensured that client got the needed features and functions to make their app the favourite choice of those in need of professional and expert services.
Business Outcomes
The challenge faced by our technical team was to manage custom logic for Knowbles application. To schedule meeting and managing the availability of experts, we created a custom colander to solve this challenge. This was to ensure that the professional was available at the right time to provide their services to the service seeker.

Speed optimization as the database was very heavy was another challenge. We created the indexes and RDBMS in database structure to make the application light and fast. This ensured easy loading and opening of the application for the users. This ensured that the application had the features and functions needed by the client. That way, we were able to provide below capabilities to the application:

  • Live online video assistance from expertise in various fields
  • Access to specialized knowledge and competency by the people
  • Tools to honour the commitments with right planning skills
  • Single source for expert assistance with secured payment
  • Verified credentials of experts to ensure quality of service
  • Users benefit with expert service, experts get to earn handsomely
Client's Speak
Good team and great support in development phase. Looking forward for next phase of development.
Carmen Snip
Owner Knowbles, Almere, Netherlands
Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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