Website and CMS Development for a Hunting Websites South Florida Chapter

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Client Overview
The client is a leading organization that works to protect the the hunters' rights by actively lobbying in the State of Florida, and also at the provincial and federal levels. The non-profit organization relies solely on the dedicated volunteers, fund raising events and charities. Every member of the organization is also a conversationalist at many levels and supports the local game and fish agencies through purchase of licenses and sporting equipment. The organization works to conserve the wildlife in South Florida so that hunting is not lost and works to promote hunting so that future generations could also enjoy it like the way our ancestors used to.
Business Needs
The client wanted to increase their conservation efforts in South Florida to the benefit of hunting community and help the future generations enjoy hunting. They are directing their efforts for developing sustainable use conservation model and support building capacity for local community based conservation. They wanted to contribute monetarily through local conservation efforts through matching grants to its South Florida chapter. The client specifically wanted us to address their below business needs:

  • Customize the buddy press plugin to prevent spam registration and enhance website performance in every aspect
  • Enable only registered users entry on the website and restrict any guest login for member only section.
  • Comments or articles posted on the website to be displayed only upon the Admins' approval.
  • Elevating the brand among the hunting community
  • Suite of tools to promote the clients products to the South Florida chapter members and fundraisers
  • Growth for the clients business while supporting the organizations' mission

Strategy & Solution
Digital strategies were developed to increase the clients business chapter in South Florida. Website strategy is important for the success of any online business. Our engagement model with the client was to provide them with a platform to gather valuable information about conservation efforts. The strategy focused on building the best user experience and let the community get the services they expected from the website. We analyzed what the websites current website was doing, and what all can be improved. Strategy was focused to develop a CMS and enrich it with the content and graphics that impress all.

Front-end Front-end development was done using the programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It was ensured that when the users open up the site, they could see the information in the format that they seem relevant and useful. Our developers ensured that the site comes up correctly in different browsers, devices and screen sizes. Below functionalities were enabled in front-end for the benefit of the client.

  • Use of technologies to act as compilation input for non-web platform environments
  • Headless browsers that can be controlled from a command line interface programmatically
  • Web views to run webpages in the native OS environments.

Backend Server-side development was done to perform the needed functions on the website. We worked on the frameworks such as Django for Python, Larval for PHP. Security layers were incorporated and strengthened by addressing the vulnerability issues. Our backend developers worked on organizing the logic of the system that ran across various devices. Algorithms were implemented and system-related problems were solved.

  • Database, scripting and architecture of the website
  • Code to help communicate the database information to the browser
  • Creation and consumption of REST and SOAP services

Development Process We started the development process with information gathering, planning, design, development and concluded with testing and project completion. Home page was designed and followed by a shell for the interior pages. Information was reviewed to decide how the actual website will look like. More than one prototype was designed for input by the client at this stage. All elements of the website were analyzed and reviewed before the project was set up for launch.

  • CMS to make the content functional and do right things for the website users
  • Site map with a list of all main areas of the website
  • Prototype design for the websites and viewing the work progress

The development process was conducted using the best industry practices. We fixed all bugs in the run time and did iterations for the successful and error-free development process.

Business Outcomes
With our key strategic marketing and development strategies, the client was able to increase awareness among the target communities in South Florida. We also worked on the digital marketing efforts of the client and helped them in their fundraising efforts. The client was able to increase their presence among the target audience and help boost the hunting community's interests. Our consistent efforts resulted in increasing the success of the client's business. The client was able to achieve below successful outcomes for their business.

  • Customizing the plug-ins in order to achieve the desired output efficiently and effectively
  • Themes that allow Admin to manage each element of the website
  • High quality images that convey the theme of the business
  • Increase in awareness and funds for the client
  • 27% increase in conversion on the website
  • 41% increase in website traffic

Client's Speak
The team at Flexsin is highly qualified. They worked diligently to meet my expectations and continue to provide support for the project to insure success.

Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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